Friday, March 23, 2012

Life flows without doing anything

Another possible title: Why it has advantages to be an extrovert.
I blogged that I'm here in Lisbon. A reader, a local one, recommended to go to Sintra. We checked the Internet and it seems to be a wonderful place very close to Lisbon. On Saturday, that is tomorrow we like to explore this place of this world.

In the taxi yesterday I told the taxi driver that we intended to go to Sintra. It turned out that he used to live in Germany for 20 years 28 years ago. His German was still very good. He offered us to drive us  for a lump sum.
What I want to say is that also without much planning, life happens. One can be relaxed.

Another little story from yesterday: 
Yesterday we hurried to the Fado restaurant. There was a strike of the subway workers and soon we were in a traffic jam. We thought we were too late when we arrived, but we were much too early. We forgot about the time difference. We couldn't get in yet. Hahahaha......what an opportunity to have  an Aperitiv in a sports bar. The waiter was an actor, a good-looking one. They had no Martini rosso there. I said: "Prepare me something nice, whatever it is." I got a wodka with honey and a fruit syrup. He put the drink in front of me with the words and his hand on his chest where the heart is: "I made it with all the love I have." I tasted the awesome poison and answered with all my passion that I could bring up so early that evening: "And I felt this." We all laughed.
A bit later the 3 young ladies next to me left the bar. They were Germans, too. The waiter pretended  that his heart is broken, because they leave. One woman returned even though they were already at the door. She kissed him good-bye on his cheeks. She had blushed deep red, it was highly visible and sweet. She has something to tell, when she'll be back in Germany, I whispered in E's ear. He also has observed the little scene.
The Portuguese men seem to have fire. They are gigolos. Hahaha..........
No, I don't generalize. There are always such and such.
My E and myself had fun. We also loved the music they played: Doors, Beatles.

Life changes from one minute to the next.
First we had to hurry, then we were too early, then we enjoyed a drink, Fado was great and sad. Later we were tired. It's similar when I practice.

This is the view of the hotel where I am now. I changed the hotel with all the baggage, mine and E's. Oh, oh, this was heavy. I got help from the employees of the hotels. Here I am now and managed it to get a connection.

Time to stroll around a bit, the sun is shining. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love your lively passionate word stories.. I picture them being told with a sultry German accent, dear U..
I travel vicarously through your posts.. Bless your journey..

Ursula said...

Haha, just looked up the word sultry.

Thick, thick is my accent, indeed.:)

Thanks for traveling with me. Lisbon is awesome.

Mike said...

I wouldn't define sultry as 'think' Ursula. When we say "A sultry summer day" we mean one that his hot and humid. To "give someone a sultry look" is a look that is heavy with sexual force. I think that's what Debb was getting at. Personally I find the Portuguese accent very seductive, don't you? Boas ferias.

Ursula said...

Oh, thanks Mike for your explanation, I think you're right.

I had not the opportunity to speak English a lot. I think more Portuguese people speak English than it's the case in Spain.

People are very friendly here, they like to go out and they like to dress beautifully and sexy. This is my impression.