Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a mental exercise to do the 5 new asanas

Primary was fantastic. To perform the poses got easier and with this it's also easier to practice concentrated without breaks.
At the end of the middle part, the filling of my yoga sandwich I wanted to add the 5 poses of third series. This was mentally a challenge. My performance of these poses is so weak and lousy, at the same time I must really give all my energy in order to be able to do it. After each pose I took a break and motivated me for the next. This is the way it goes, I must do it. I'm convinced that in let's say 6 months progress can be seen not only felt by myself.

I just gulped down my second Magnesium pill, I give me 2 today. Hahaha......

And now it's time to practice contentment. This is also a mental exercise. I am content, because I did it. It was difficult enough.

Chakorasana is on the picture: One day my nose will touch the shin bone and I'll even look upwards. Here too the pose is only one part of the game. Even more challenging is the vinyasa.

I look out of the window. The sun is shining. I want to stroll around for a while. Then I want to  clean here. Not that E, who's returning from his business trip tonight, thinks that I've done nothing but yoga.....hahahaha.

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