Monday, March 05, 2012

It's enough what I do. It's enough what I give.

It's enough what I do, this shall be my mantra today, I thought when I was in the subway this morning still thinking of yesterday. I was  happy that I was on my way  to a Mysore class.

It's absolutely enough when I don't repeat the kapotasana thingy.
It's absolutely enough when I don't go to the limits in each pose.
It's absolutely enough when I relax when I feel so.

It's also enough when I practice 3 times a week.
It's also enough when I don't add asanas when I practice primary.

I'm not the person who practices sloppily. I repeated kapotasana today.
Even a highlight happened when I tried karandavasana. I lowered my legs that were in padmasana. In the last second I lift my head so that I can put the legs on my upper arms. Usually I slide down, this morning I had control over this movement. I could pose my legs on the upper arms. Yepeeeeeeeeee. A tiny step further......

At the end of my practice I saw how a yogini jumped high while being on her 2 feet and 2 hands: Oh, the crocodile. I realized at once that I had forgotten nakrasana. It was enough what I did. :)

(Feelings are often learned patterns. Understanding oneself can better life. My life lust shall flow freely and it flows.The feeling that I don't give enough is not useful. I decluttered it.)

Pictures are always lies that tell the truth sometimes.
The model is still not in the mood for a photo sessions.......despite the Hawaii shirt of E........


Filipa said...

Dear Ursula, I think I understand how you are feeling because of yesterday. If I may say, what you have is more than enough. You can dedicate your whole life, your whole days just for yourself. That might not be enough for some people (like myself), but is an immense privilege. So if you have that luxury, that pivilege, just take it. Not having to deal with the outside world is something that many wish, and you are that lucky one. You are more than enough for yourself. Best

Ursula said...

Thank you Filipa.

It's so often in life. What the one person likes, the other person doesn't like it. A basic conflict.

I'm glad to be here in my home.
I'm not responsible for the well-being of others. I have to push away this responsibility.

Best to you, too.

Anna said...

'Sloppily'. People love you so much they just can't get enough of you!

Ursula said...

To be loved too much is a nightmare, a prison.
I know this too well.