Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Lisabon

Haha, twice we almost missed the flight. Almost. We're here now in Lisabon, Portugal, the Radison blu. Very friendly and good-looking are the male employees here. And it's sunny and wonderful.

Travelling can mean and means to carry heavy suitcases. It means to run from one terminal to the other. The taxi driver stopped at a wrong terminal. It means waiting till departure often for hours. It means waiting for taxis. Yesterday we were in bed and we didn't know how to switch off the very loud heater till E finally switched off the current. Travelling means spending a lot of money for basic stuff.

I love to travel.

Travelling is for me a party of the senses. 
Not only. It liberates me from concepts "how anything has to be". In other countries the clocks go differently and not only because we've 1 hour time difference to Munich. (I hope this metaphor that I translated freely can be understood.)

Tonight we have a reservation in a restaurant to listen to Fado music. This time we go. It's all about yearning, I was told. I know this feeling, but I don't think that I will cry tonight. Hahaha.......

When we left the plane I said to E: Darling as long as we've the energy to travel we're supposed to do it. Perhaps one day it's too much for us.
One day is perhaps never.........:)


Tânia Freire said...

Hi Ursula!
Wellcome to Lisbon :)

Hope u enjoy my city
It's perfect for yoga and meditation...

Here's a tip: grab a cab ou the train and go to Sintra. It's a magical place.

Downtown is lovely

2 days isn't enought

Ursula said...

Hi Tania,

Thank you very much for the tip.
We plan to go to Sintra on Saturday.


And you're so right 2 days is too short for this most beautiful city. It's my 3 time now that I'm here and I hope I can come back again.

Happy evening for you.

Globie said...

Hi Ursula,

Perhaps you can practice with Isa Guitano, she is a wonderful Teacher who was in Mysore, she lives and teaches in Lisbon