Saturday, March 10, 2012

I need that one day off from Ashtanga yoga

It is so. Suddenly I've time. I don't want to dwell in dirt and mess, I want to live, I want to be in a clean surrounding that shows a certain organisation. I cleaned my desk this morning. I didn't know anymore where to put my coffee cup. The fear was there that these mountains of books would fall over when I put my cup on it. There are still piles of mountains on my desk, but now I remember again what books I've there and it's cleaned and a bit organised. I've piles of paper and piles of book but not mixed anymore, hahaha.......I feel satisfied about my work. I think I'll be much more prolific if those basic tasks are done again. This will empty my mind. My pomodoro timer helped me again. 25 min of concentrated work, then a break of 5 min and then the next 25 min of intensive work. After one hour a larger break is recommended. This technique saves my life. Big thank you goes to P. who recommended this to me.

Right now I enjoy this larger break........blogging counts as fun this time.

I'll be on the road again today. I'll meet E at my parents home and tomorrow we'll drive to Nürnberg together to celebrate the birthday of his brother. He has always good ideas. We'll meet at a bar first and then we'll go to the theatre.
My mother has the cherry cake already in the oven. You feed us up, I told her....:)
E loves the food of my mother. It's really delicious. This is the issue. Lol.

When we'll return on Monday morning I'll be very happy about a clean and welcoming home.

Next steps:
1. to shower
2. Going through this pile of paper that is still on the floor to check if something urgent is there. Perhaps some papers can be filed.
3. Writing my journal.
4. to iron and to vacuum.
5. packing my suitcase............condemned this list grows too fast. In 2 hours I must be on the road........


Anna said...

Have a lovely weekend! And eat half the cake to show there's no hard feelings :-)

Ursula said...

Thanks Anna,

I give my best re the cake, hahaha.

Have a good time as well.....

gorangosho said...

Very attractive and sexy on your picture:)!