Thursday, March 01, 2012

I let go of the day.

I got up at 7am to wake up my bf who was in Denmark. He asked me the day before to call him in the morning the next day at 7am. And I love to wake him up. With my sweetest voice I use to wish him a good morning. At 7:10 am I got up and I found already an email in my inbox: he was under the shower. Very good that he had set an alarm clock in addition.
I felt still tired, did some chores that I haven't done yesterday. The sun was shining outside.
Action, I thought, action, go out.
Sometimes I think I can practice yoga  later on a day, but from experience I should know better. I won't practice after dinner. This doesn't happen.

I wanted to take pictures downtown: street photography. This had  priority today. The light was perfect. A few weeks back I had discovered a hole in the wall of the Sendlinger Tor. I wanted to shoot people through the hole. I had to try it. With my 2 lenses in my bag and my camera around my neck I went downtown. And what a lovely day it was. People were sitting outside the restaurants or even on the floor at Karlsplatz Stacchus. Street life was my topic today and I got it. Public life was in full swing. Learning through doing. One only becomes experienced and a pro when practicing what one loves to do.

Out of the many pictures that I've taken today 3 or 4 are good. I think so. I published them on Google+ where a lot of photgraphers share their pictures. I'm happy with this result.

On my way home I stopped for lunch. It was already 3pm. by then. I wanted to sit outside somewhere and suddenly I felt hungry. The first sunshine is so awesome. To be honest, I love to take pictures of people, but not everybody is an object of my craving. The good-looking Italian waiter there is. We talked to each other before I left the restaurant. He had offered me an espresso. I didn't like to go like a bull at the gate. I prefer slow and more elegant approaches. He's on my list of people I like to shoot. One day soon I'll hear me saying the sentence: I'd love to take pictures of you. May I? Or whatever I will say to make a photo session come true.

At home I started reading again. Last but not least it was this photographer Lorenzo Dominguez who shooed me out of the house today. His 25 lessons on photography are so uplifting. It's also clear one must dare something, one must do it. Action.

Tomorrow is Friday. I'll practice primary in a Mysore class in the morning.
This weekend we'll drive to my parents. No led class on Sunday for me, but once a week I want to practice primary minimum. This will be tomorrow.

.....and tomorrow everything is fresh. With no regrets I go to bed. What shall happen also happens.

Almost midnight. In 10 min I want to be horizontal. 

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