Thursday, March 22, 2012

Great schedule today

I look out of the window. The sun is shining. My bf will soon leave this hotel room here in Madrid to get to a client. At 12 he'll pick me up. It was the discussion if we shall meet at the airport. But I think he prefers to pick me up. Till 12 I'll have a lot of time for my yoga practice. Primary is shorter than second series. I only want to add a few asanas and of course the 2 asanas of the third series. I have to wait a bit with my practice till the breakfast is digested. They had fresh fruit here. I couldn't resist to eat also other stuff.

In Spain people speak Spanish. The taxi drivers, the waiters often don't speak a word English. It's amazing how communication functions without having the same language. At least we've the same currency now. This makes travelling within Europe easier.
We know that people eat late in Spain. At 9:30pm we were at this restaurant last night. They offered veg paella. How wonderful. The restaurant was almost empty. Later it filled with people. Habits are so different in different countries. I'm used to eat earlier. I ate  too much yesterday. I didn't eat like a bird, but like a hungry tiger. After the paella I was so full, I couldn't eat a dessert anymore. Impossible. So it is. Me too I get seduced sometimes to eat much too much.

Tonight we'll be in Lisbon, Portugal. It's one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I'm looking forward to this city. E will have time and we'll stroll around a lot. :)

Picture: Shalabasana B. It's good that I don't look upwards. In most back bending asanas drishti is not upwards, but the third eye or the nose. When looking upwards it's very likely that the front is wrinkled. This is not the goal. Whatever we practice the face remains relaxed, focused. No matter what feelings and body sensations a pose might cause, the face remains relaxed. This approach is good to life events, too. A part of us stays relaxed, because everything comes and goes. Life is too short not to be relaxed. Life is what must be enjoyed, every part of it. To run behind happiness is nonsense. I tell you. Life has more to offer. :)


Anna said...

Wise words, Ursula. "We're busy doing nothing, working the whole day through."

Ursula said...

I pretend less and less to work when I play working. That's progress, yes.

Have a good day Anna.
Enjoy doing nothing. :)
Enjoy when you work. :)