Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good that the weather is so cold here

It's so cold here in Madrid that I prefer to stay in the hotel. At night I'll go out with E, this is enough for me. I turned on the heater  and I practiced second series, as planned (haha).

Every practice counts.
What to do to improve kapotasana? I think it would be good to repeat it up to 5 times and to hold the pose longer. I can add one breath every week. Let's see.

I also exercised the first two asanas of the third series. The first months of trying these poses is a challenge for the mind. I know it can be possible to do it. For now exploring the pose is important. Both poses are very demanding. The best attitude is to be curious and not to get frustrated because the performance is so lousy, even ridiculous.

In the middle of my photo shooting my self-timer stopped working. There is always something.

From a relaxed calm state sometimes one is pulled to joy, sometimes to frustration, sometimes to happiness. One can always return to that calm state of being. How? Focusing on the breath is a good method. Observing is another very good method. That's what we exercise during a practice.

In my view this is also what yoga can teach: There is discomfort felt perhaps, but one stays calm and focuses on the breath. Whatever happens, if we fall out of a pose or if a pose is not possible or if a pose is excellent, one focuses on the breath, one observes and one moves on.

It's time to meditate 10 min to experience how it feels when the mind is relaxed and the body too. 

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