Friday, March 30, 2012

Final spurt

Final spurt: I'll practice second series and the new 5 poses of third in a Mysore class today. With my yoginis around me  it's so much easier. Tomorrow I give me a rest day after an intensive yoga week.

Procrastination: There are activities I might postpone for days, i.e. cleaning my windows. There are also these little procrastinations, these extra breaths till I move on to the next asana. In Ashtanga yoga flow is important. This is a challenge. Often I see yoginis lying on their back staring at the ceiling for minutes. Then I know what comes next: urdhva dhanurasana. Me too, I lie sometimes on my back before practicing this pose. Then I've time for thinking: Oh, this difficult pose now. Will I ever be able to come up? and so on......Finally the thougth ends this rambling: Just do it. Now.

Hurrying: On the other hand I observed that I hurry during my practice. During the last exhaling I move already out of the pose, instead of holding it till the full exhaling is done. Of course it's easier often not to hold a pose so long.

With time my ability to observe improved. Being able to observe is a skill needed in many areas. Also if one writes in makes sense to be a conscious observer. Alone via observing things change. As soon as I focus and observe my breath it becomes deeper, i.e.

Mayurasana is on the picture: A pose I thought I'd never be able to learn. It improved a lot.
This pose reminds me to stay positive. More is possible than I thought would be, is my experience.

Oh, I must hurry now......

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