Monday, March 19, 2012

Excellent, excellent

Surprise, surprise, my second series was excellent this morning. I don't know why. A gift from heaven. My focus was my breath, till the end. Not becoming sloppy at the end is also important. Only when in the relaxing pose at the very end I let go of controlling the breath, using the bandhas, gazing at a point.

I want to make a plan for my practices to come as I'll travel tomorrow. My flight to Madrid, Spain departures at 2:40pm. Nervous as I am I want to be at the airport at 12. This means that I have to leave my home at 11am.
- As usual I'll set my alarm clock at 6am. I'm cautious. In most cases I also get up. Hahaha. Coffee, a quick shower, writing my journal, I think I could be through all this by 7:30. No stress. At 7:30 I can step on my mat. To practice till 9:30 is indeed a good time. Then I'll have 90 min for packing, showering again. This sounds like a good plan.
- Wednesday I'll practice in the hotel. Hopefully there is enough room. Second series is on the schedule again
- On Thursday morning we'll fly to Lisbon, Portugal. I cannot imagine that I'll practice that day.
- On Friday I'll practice primary. This doesn't last as long as second series.
- It would be good to practice on Saturday morning. Primary is good.
- On Sunday we'll fly back. I cannot imagine that I'll practice on that day. The flight goes early.

Write it down, let it happen.
Often this helps. Sometimes not. Hahaha......As an advanced beginner of yoga I observe and I'm happy that I'm alive, that I can breathe, that I can see, feel, hear........

Not important, hahaha, next Monday I get the next pose. :) (Viswamitrasana)

The book "The willpower Instinct" by Ph.D., Kelly McGonigal is excellent. It's full of tips based on scientific reasearches. One tip here: In case you have an inner dialogue like shall I eat the chocolate or not, or shall I practice or not, then pause and plan. Make your breath slow (8 breath) per minute and then do what is reasonable. It works. Test it. Again the breath. It's a tool an effective one.
(Oh, you can get it via my blog. On the right side is a link....:) )

I will have 10 min today for meditation. I will love it. 

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