Friday, March 16, 2012

Does yoga make you sexy?

A plastic surgeon gave a tip to a colleague: Only perform surgery on beautiful people.

I want to doubt that yoga makes a person sexy. Whatever sexy means for those who follow this goal when practicing yoga, the genes and the experiences play in my opinion a greater role if someone looks beautifully than a yoga practice.
But even more astonished I am that this  seems to be so important for so many when practicing yoga.
Some fancy clothes might be more successful in a shorter time when trying to look sexy.

When trying to become sexy via yoga it's as if you take your Mercedes Benz to buy the cakes in the next bakery even though it's a few steps away.

Yoga has the potential for so much more:
- It can help that the life doesn't aggravate how it is the case so often. Look at Iyengar. Fit he is with 92 and full of life joy.
- Daily practice of yoga improves your health!!!
- It is a tool to handle life issues that will always occur because a yogini might have developed the skill to observe without judging.
- Yoga improves concentration. Without concentration learning is not possible.
- Practicing yoga we might become more optimistic as we learn to focus.
- Yoga gives energy
- It liberates through the body work as it helps to work through all the feelings that are stored in the body and that might make our character and limitation.

Yoga can improve life in many aspects.

I could go on with this list.
Find out why YOU practice yoga.
I personally want that I stay healthy, that I can live without pain till 100. I want to die healthy I use to say. In my case it's not necessary to try to get sexy. I am sexy. Hahaha.......

There are practitioners of yoga of all levels no matter how many decades someone is practicing. Becoming sexy might be a beginning. It's a bit superficial in my view and not even true. 

Sex sells. Yoga is a big business these days. Why not making yoga attractive to the masses.
Just keep in mind yoga has the potential for much much more than to look sexy.
Explore what else it can give to you.

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