Monday, March 12, 2012

Back home

At 9am I looked at my watch. The door to the shala is open now, I thought. We, E and me, were still on the autobahn from Nürnberg to Munich. Oh, what at traffic at that time. I knew it would be too late to join the Ashtangis for a Mysore class. It will be a home practice today. Later.
I had a cup of coffee with E somewhere out of the city, but this didn't fill my stomach. This woke me up.

Having the 50th birthday is a reason to celebrate. It was A's birthday party why we were out of Munich. E, me and about 20 other friends were invited for dinner and then  to a cabaret. Laughing, drinking, eating, chatting, it was party time indeed.
Next to me during dinner sat a man who writes is autobiography. He's written about his life till the age 24 already and he has filled already 800 pages. Wow. Those who write also write for themselves. I can imagine that this man has the ability to uplift other people when feeling very bad. "I'm a good listener", he told me, but yesterday I listened.
On the other side next to E sat another man who felt the ambition to become a musician, a guitar player.
My E was surrounded by all sorts of ambitious artists. LOL.
We slept at A's home. To drive home after midnight would have been nonsense.

Yeah, there is an agenda for today. I remember..........lunch first.......

A wonderful trip.
Wonderful to be at home again.

The picture is taken in Nürnberg with my Canon-beast. 


Anna said...

Don't you just love the rooftops of old Europe?

Ursula said...

Why do you think I've taken this picture? Wink.
When in Nürnberg I've a bit the feeling to be in the Middle Age. These old buildings give atmosphere. Yep,it's great.