Monday, March 26, 2012

Back home in many ways

This was one of the practices this morning that leaded me back to a healthy rather ascetic life style. It was hard but better than I thought it would be. I got so many adjustments today, so many inspirations. And I was so stiff today after my sinful trip. M showed me an exercise how I can open the chest more in parsva dhanurasana (see picture). The challenge of this pose is that one lies on the body, not the shoulders. Knees are together. Oh, this is difficult. I think my position of the head is not correct either, but this is not that important. This is cosmetic. The additional exercise that I was shown is to have the one arm 45° to the body and to move the upper body towards it. One starts from lying on the belly. I hope I could explain what I mean. I will take a picture next time.

How smart is that: I was shown bhairavasana as next pose. This makes so much sense. I mean, I tried visvamitrasana. Via bhairavsana it's much easier to learn it. Oh what am I glad. This is a way to learn it, it's the autobahn. I'm relieved. Not that I could perform bhairavasana elegantly, no no seems doable. To exercise visvamitrasana would have frustrated me.

Each practice is also an emotional exercise. So many different feelings come up. Why being frustrated if a pose is lousy? I observe and I let go.

On my way home I stopped at my vegetable and fruit dealer for carrots and parsley and a citron and fruit. Me:"This shall be enough to get full.
He: "It only doesn't last long."
Me: "When I add a piece of bread it lasts."
It turned out that he has weight issues ("I'm fat") and he didn't know how to lose it. He must do sports, this he knew already. He told me that he ate only vegetables and doesn't lose weight. I don't believe this. "What do you eat?" I asked him. Low fat cheese curd in the evening with 4 potatoes. In the morning 3 pieces of bread.
I recommended as I had the feeling he had a real issue with his weight: "Don't eat any animal products." He: "No, then I cannot eat cheese anymore." Here we go. The fat makes fat, not the carrots and green leaves.
My carrots for dinner didn't convince me. It was all a bit boring despite the parsley. 


mindbodysoul22 said...

"So many different feelings come up. Why being frustrated if a pose is lousy? I observe and I let go." This is something I go through as well. its refreshing to hear that it's not just me! I like the positivity

Ursula said...

I think it's learned to feel so. One could also become curious about how to solve an "issue".
Not everybody has the same feelings in regard of the same events. Some yogis might think to avoid a pose i.e. without being frustrated.

What is learned can be unlearned. Having a curious attitude could be good.

On the other hand I don't care so much anymore about "negative" feelings, as they are part of life, too. They come and go, like everything else.

Happy practices.