Friday, March 23, 2012

Amália Rodrigues - Fado Português

Shall the music speak for itself. 
Close the eyes and imagine yourself in a dark restaurant. Some light falls on the face of the singer.

It's sad music, but with a lot of drive and dynamic, too.
Three guitar players accompanied the singer.

Intensity are words that fit to this music.
probably also national pride.

Oh, the voices were great.
The singer male and female were dressed in black.
The singer didn't move much, Fado is not dancing. 
It was about singing, expressing feelings via the voice.

It was not a restaurant for tourists where we were. 
The Portuguese guests knew the songs by heart and from time to time they sang the refrain.

This morning I searched the net for Fado, see link above. 
Next time when I'll be sad I'll listen to Fado. 

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