Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring cleaning, the fight against dust and feathers

The fight against dust and feathers can only be won temporarily. If one wants to learn about perseverance, simply observe dust and mess. It returns like the Amen in the church. No mercy. Here I am, it seems to say without making any fuss. Here I am.

I was behind the sofa, behind and between the books, in the drawers. The fancy clothes in the wardrobe are still waiting with fear: Will she love me another year? Or will she toss me? She seems to like space, how awful.

I'm solid. Doing things by halves doesn't satisfy me. Either....or. I look in every corner, every stone must be turned. Only when this is done, I lean back.

Oh no, today I won't cook. We eat cold. Tomatoes, red pepper, vegan spread with mustard.

My project till Eastern: spring cleaning........:) and might it be Sysiphus work, I don't care. It has to be.

What crazy ideas I have on my yoga free days. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Why do you practice yoga?

Why do you practice yoga, M asked today. It was just an inspiration. Answers popped up. (Not that you dear readers think we have a discussion round during our practice, hahaha. On Fridays we're sometimes a bit loose (OMG, Anna, I hope it's with two oo this time, hahaha)
One woman said that the shala is the only place where her mother never will be. A man comes because of the women. I said: Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders. (It's a quote by Martin Luther and means freely translated: here I stand,  I cannot differently (or I have no choice).) Others want to become a teacher. One man told me lately that he wants to balance other sportive activities.

I love the openness expressed by M. It needn't to be only the asanas. The reasons why we practice can also change over the years. Perhaps one wants to get rid of something, perhaps one wants to get something.
Why shall one reason be better than the other? Every reason can serve something. Why shall wishing to have fun not be equally good than aspiring for liberation? Staying healthy, getting strong, doing something crazy are all reasons, good reasons, no harm is done.

And everything flows.

I think it's a good question, again and again.
It can give new motivation and inspiration.


During the last week I lived like an ascetic in the Himalaya. All the food drugs (we all know the usual suspects) were not existent for me. My body was light, my joints were like oiled today. I had a most wonderful practice. I had the feeling every pose was a bit better than the last time. My concentration was excellent, flow happened.
I strolled home after the practice as if I have won the lottery.

Happy Friday evening. 

Final spurt

Final spurt: I'll practice second series and the new 5 poses of third in a Mysore class today. With my yoginis around me  it's so much easier. Tomorrow I give me a rest day after an intensive yoga week.

Procrastination: There are activities I might postpone for days, i.e. cleaning my windows. There are also these little procrastinations, these extra breaths till I move on to the next asana. In Ashtanga yoga flow is important. This is a challenge. Often I see yoginis lying on their back staring at the ceiling for minutes. Then I know what comes next: urdhva dhanurasana. Me too, I lie sometimes on my back before practicing this pose. Then I've time for thinking: Oh, this difficult pose now. Will I ever be able to come up? and so on......Finally the thougth ends this rambling: Just do it. Now.

Hurrying: On the other hand I observed that I hurry during my practice. During the last exhaling I move already out of the pose, instead of holding it till the full exhaling is done. Of course it's easier often not to hold a pose so long.

With time my ability to observe improved. Being able to observe is a skill needed in many areas. Also if one writes in makes sense to be a conscious observer. Alone via observing things change. As soon as I focus and observe my breath it becomes deeper, i.e.

Mayurasana is on the picture: A pose I thought I'd never be able to learn. It improved a lot.
This pose reminds me to stay positive. More is possible than I thought would be, is my experience.

Oh, I must hurry now......

Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a mental exercise to do the 5 new asanas

Primary was fantastic. To perform the poses got easier and with this it's also easier to practice concentrated without breaks.
At the end of the middle part, the filling of my yoga sandwich I wanted to add the 5 poses of third series. This was mentally a challenge. My performance of these poses is so weak and lousy, at the same time I must really give all my energy in order to be able to do it. After each pose I took a break and motivated me for the next. This is the way it goes, I must do it. I'm convinced that in let's say 6 months progress can be seen not only felt by myself.

I just gulped down my second Magnesium pill, I give me 2 today. Hahaha......

And now it's time to practice contentment. This is also a mental exercise. I am content, because I did it. It was difficult enough.

Chakorasana is on the picture: One day my nose will touch the shin bone and I'll even look upwards. Here too the pose is only one part of the game. Even more challenging is the vinyasa.

I look out of the window. The sun is shining. I want to stroll around for a while. Then I want to  clean here. Not that E, who's returning from his business trip tonight, thinks that I've done nothing but yoga.....hahahaha.

Oh lala, this was much yesterday

Yesterday 5 asanas of the third series were added. More or less I was able to perform something similar. I was so astonished how much strength I needed. At home again I took a bath. Then I felt like sleeping. I cannot remember anymore when my muscles were sore. Yesterday they were. The practice was so intensive yesterday. To add pose by pose of third series after second series requires more strength than I've thought.

- Primary was mainly forward bending.
- Second series is a rather balanced series with the very advanced back bending asanas.
- As it seems to me by now the third series will challenge me re strength. Especially the upper body needs strength. Strong bandhas are very helpful too for all the balancing asanas. With perseverance most asanas seem to be doable in the long run. (Most, not all. It's always possible to work towards an asana.) The stretching goes a bit deeper in third series, this I had expected.

So yesterday I lied on my bed and was half-dead. It felt good. The body needed this.

That I started with third series motivates me a lot to stick to my vegan life style. I want to have it easy.

My practice plan today: primary and 5 poses of third and hanumanasana.

Ah, as often as people preach it, it won't become truer. Be in the here and now, I read all the time. Nothing else is possible. Life is not a science fiction movie where I can be one hour in the Middle Age and the next hour in 2020. One is always in the here and now, nothing else is possible. It's possible to think of the future and past while I'm in the here, now. To focus the senses on what can be heard now, seen now, felt now is a concentration technique.

Here we are:

I wanted to write about a mental exercise that I remembered: visualization.
Third series is so demanding, I involve my mind to support this adventure.
- Yesterday I watched again the videos of Laruga.
- Later I tried to imagine myself practicing these new asanas. Only what I can imagine can happen. To visualize anything exercises the mind. It focuses the mind, this wild thing.

Time to move on. It seems to become a wonderful day and I want to go out later.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Magnesium and a hot bath

Hahaha......nothing shall be omitted. I exercised second series and 5 more asanas of third series this morning and not only vashistasana and bhairavasana. Strength faded at the end. To hold the asanas for 3 short breaths was my limit. I am challenged. I love it.

It will take 2 more years till I'll feel a certain "yeah, that's it". These new asanas will improve asanas of second series. It goes always a bit further and with this the former asanas become easier.

And what will I do tomorrow? I'll practice primary and the 5 asanas of third series. This is my plan. The split poses will also be part of the practice. I need it now.

Weather is perfect here. Sunshine and spring is in the air.
Water is running in my bath tub. My muscles need this additional relaxation. 


First I couldn't sleep in. Too many pictures were still in my mind. Later I had nightmares.
Now I'm not well-rested at all, but tired. Shall it be so. I remember a time where I was tired every day and this was not good at all. Today I can nap one hour in the afternoon if I still feel tired after the Mysore class, which starts an hour earlier today. Lucky me. Tiredness is awful.

I feel my hips. This tells me that the new pose is intensive. I'll practice with double care today.

I got so strong arms and they are still not strong enough. I look like a body builder. My arms were always so thin. Ashtanga yoga exercises all muscles. Nothing is neglected.

Yesterday I opened a flickr account. Chase Jarvis, a photographer suggests a 365 day project, that is to publish every day a picture for learning reasons. I consider to do this. Starting point 1st April. This is not a joke. Then my next year will be full of work that I love. It will keep me so busy. But I love to jump into this visual adventure.

Oh, time to wake up my E, who is still in Oslo. He loves to hear my sweet voice in the morning...:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This was it.

10 min meditation.
In padmasana.

Then strolling a bit around.
What else?

This was it for me today.
I let go.
A few things are done, others not. As always. 

Tomorrow I'll be well-rested and full of energy again.
Then the roller coaster can start again.
I'll get into it. 
With anticipation of what will come.

Mercy with me.

The new pose: bhairavasana. 
Mercy with me.
It was the second attempt.
This is the starting point. 
As always my pictures show me the way. 
It looks so easy if someone is able to do it. 
A long way to go.
It seems doable.
Or is this only my unshakable optimism?
I will find this out by exercising it. 
It feels differently as it looks like. 
Oh my buddha, what is this on the picture.

Falling out of the pose is part of it. 

I've plans for my practice today

- Firstly I'd love to practice without these tiny breaks. Yoga is also a concentration exercise.

- Kapotasana: I'll try this pose with a block between my feet. It should be possible to reach it with my hands and perhaps I can bring my hands a bit closer that way. The block will keep my feet parallel.

- Pincha mayurasana: I must get away from the wall. I'm so scared. Perhaps I must learn to fall. May I be courageous today.

- I'll repeat the new poses (vasisthasana, bhairavasana) so that the body can get used to it.

Right now I'm still sipping my cup of coffee, the second one. As much as I love to travel, I love to be at home.  I love to be busy to eliminate the chaos here, I love to have my own food. The sun is shining. This lifts up my mood, also good mood gets even better. :)

Time to move on.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Back home in many ways

This was one of the practices this morning that leaded me back to a healthy rather ascetic life style. It was hard but better than I thought it would be. I got so many adjustments today, so many inspirations. And I was so stiff today after my sinful trip. M showed me an exercise how I can open the chest more in parsva dhanurasana (see picture). The challenge of this pose is that one lies on the body, not the shoulders. Knees are together. Oh, this is difficult. I think my position of the head is not correct either, but this is not that important. This is cosmetic. The additional exercise that I was shown is to have the one arm 45° to the body and to move the upper body towards it. One starts from lying on the belly. I hope I could explain what I mean. I will take a picture next time.

How smart is that: I was shown bhairavasana as next pose. This makes so much sense. I mean, I tried visvamitrasana. Via bhairavsana it's much easier to learn it. Oh what am I glad. This is a way to learn it, it's the autobahn. I'm relieved. Not that I could perform bhairavasana elegantly, no no seems doable. To exercise visvamitrasana would have frustrated me.

Each practice is also an emotional exercise. So many different feelings come up. Why being frustrated if a pose is lousy? I observe and I let go.

On my way home I stopped at my vegetable and fruit dealer for carrots and parsley and a citron and fruit. Me:"This shall be enough to get full.
He: "It only doesn't last long."
Me: "When I add a piece of bread it lasts."
It turned out that he has weight issues ("I'm fat") and he didn't know how to lose it. He must do sports, this he knew already. He told me that he ate only vegetables and doesn't lose weight. I don't believe this. "What do you eat?" I asked him. Low fat cheese curd in the evening with 4 potatoes. In the morning 3 pieces of bread.
I recommended as I had the feeling he had a real issue with his weight: "Don't eat any animal products." He: "No, then I cannot eat cheese anymore." Here we go. The fat makes fat, not the carrots and green leaves.
My carrots for dinner didn't convince me. It was all a bit boring despite the parsley. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ashtanga Yoga is not fun | shareen's Blog

Ashtanga Yoga is not fun | shareen's Blog

Shareen gets to the point with her blog post. It's so good that I want to share it here.

At home again.....

Last impressions of Lisbon. 
I'll miss the nights there that start late and end early.

Till next time so to say. 

I love this picture because the shadow of the plane in which I sat can be seen. 

Right now my yogis and yoginis here in Munich are chanting. The led class begins. It was too late to go. I wanted to prepare something to eat for us in addition. In 2 hours E is on the way to Oslo. 
Tomorrow I'll be with them again. 

Lisbon bye-bye

It was so warm here that everybody seemed to be outside. We ate outside and it was almost midnight.

A typical view of the other side of the hill where the castle is. Both sides are beautiful.

I'm up, I still have to wake up my E. The plane goes early. Time to pack my suitcase. 


Oh, this was yesterday already. We took the train to Sintra. It rained. As soon as we arrived we headed for the next café to test the cakes of this region. It still rained after hours. It was lunch time by then. And after lunch (which was much cheaper than in Lisbon and equally good) we took the train back. We missed the old city and so much more. We'll come back.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nightlife in Lisbon

E slept so deeply in the afternoon till the early night, but at 10pm we left the hotel. I was still hungry. I knew where I wanted to go, there where the streets were very narrow and where the tiny restaurants were. I found a nice one on the hill and we could even sit outside. Nightlife starts after 11pm here. People eat that late. Oh, I asked for something vegetable and got a salad with potatoes, all very delicious. Language barriers make it not so easy to explain what I like to have. It turned out that our table neighbors were Germans again, a group of students of architecture with their 2 teachers. "Oh", I said, after I had ordered my dinner, "it's possible to be complicated here." We laughed.

Very good habit to clean the restaurant after work.

With such shoes it's difficult to walk on that uneven pavement. The ladies like those shoes here. They are often much too high to walk, but somehow they manage it. It's really nice to observe people. The Portuguese love fashion, I think so.

Yep, I'm up. It's still before breakfast. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Strolling around, taking pictures, this was my afternoon

This afternoon I strolled around. The sun was shining, the light was excellent for some pictures. I have my 50mm lens with me. I was not the only one who loved to be in the sun.

Please also see the doves in the picture above. People feed them.

When I returned to the hotel, E was already on the bed and now he's sleeping.
Shall we both be well-rested for our trip tomorrow.
No, I won't practice yoga tomorrow. Today I thought in order to keep the motivation high, it's better to have a day off every week. Hahaha.........but it's true. 

It's spring time here in Lisbon.

Shall this picture prove it. 

Life flows without doing anything

Another possible title: Why it has advantages to be an extrovert.
I blogged that I'm here in Lisbon. A reader, a local one, recommended to go to Sintra. We checked the Internet and it seems to be a wonderful place very close to Lisbon. On Saturday, that is tomorrow we like to explore this place of this world.

In the taxi yesterday I told the taxi driver that we intended to go to Sintra. It turned out that he used to live in Germany for 20 years 28 years ago. His German was still very good. He offered us to drive us  for a lump sum.
What I want to say is that also without much planning, life happens. One can be relaxed.

Another little story from yesterday: 
Yesterday we hurried to the Fado restaurant. There was a strike of the subway workers and soon we were in a traffic jam. We thought we were too late when we arrived, but we were much too early. We forgot about the time difference. We couldn't get in yet. Hahahaha......what an opportunity to have  an Aperitiv in a sports bar. The waiter was an actor, a good-looking one. They had no Martini rosso there. I said: "Prepare me something nice, whatever it is." I got a wodka with honey and a fruit syrup. He put the drink in front of me with the words and his hand on his chest where the heart is: "I made it with all the love I have." I tasted the awesome poison and answered with all my passion that I could bring up so early that evening: "And I felt this." We all laughed.
A bit later the 3 young ladies next to me left the bar. They were Germans, too. The waiter pretended  that his heart is broken, because they leave. One woman returned even though they were already at the door. She kissed him good-bye on his cheeks. She had blushed deep red, it was highly visible and sweet. She has something to tell, when she'll be back in Germany, I whispered in E's ear. He also has observed the little scene.
The Portuguese men seem to have fire. They are gigolos. Hahaha..........
No, I don't generalize. There are always such and such.
My E and myself had fun. We also loved the music they played: Doors, Beatles.

Life changes from one minute to the next.
First we had to hurry, then we were too early, then we enjoyed a drink, Fado was great and sad. Later we were tired. It's similar when I practice.

This is the view of the hotel where I am now. I changed the hotel with all the baggage, mine and E's. Oh, oh, this was heavy. I got help from the employees of the hotels. Here I am now and managed it to get a connection.

Time to stroll around a bit, the sun is shining. 

Nightlife and me.

Sometimes I want it. 
Sometimes I need it. 
This morning I needed it. 
It was easy to step on the mat for a yoga practice. 
What a wonderful night in that Fado restaurant in Lisbon.
 I finish such nights like yesterday with a practice the next morning. 
Both events are exhausting only in different ways.

Amália Rodrigues - Fado Português

Shall the music speak for itself. 
Close the eyes and imagine yourself in a dark restaurant. Some light falls on the face of the singer.

It's sad music, but with a lot of drive and dynamic, too.
Three guitar players accompanied the singer.

Intensity are words that fit to this music.
probably also national pride.

Oh, the voices were great.
The singer male and female were dressed in black.
The singer didn't move much, Fado is not dancing. 
It was about singing, expressing feelings via the voice.

It was not a restaurant for tourists where we were. 
The Portuguese guests knew the songs by heart and from time to time they sang the refrain.

This morning I searched the net for Fado, see link above. 
Next time when I'll be sad I'll listen to Fado. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The series - beds in which I spent a night or two

It will be one night here but 2 beds. Hahaha......

Tomorrow we'll move to a hotel downtown. This one is great but close to the airport. We prefer to be downtown for our holiday.
There is a strike of the subway workers here. To take a taxi downtown is recommended from where we are right now. 

In Lisabon

Haha, twice we almost missed the flight. Almost. We're here now in Lisabon, Portugal, the Radison blu. Very friendly and good-looking are the male employees here. And it's sunny and wonderful.

Travelling can mean and means to carry heavy suitcases. It means to run from one terminal to the other. The taxi driver stopped at a wrong terminal. It means waiting till departure often for hours. It means waiting for taxis. Yesterday we were in bed and we didn't know how to switch off the very loud heater till E finally switched off the current. Travelling means spending a lot of money for basic stuff.

I love to travel.

Travelling is for me a party of the senses. 
Not only. It liberates me from concepts "how anything has to be". In other countries the clocks go differently and not only because we've 1 hour time difference to Munich. (I hope this metaphor that I translated freely can be understood.)

Tonight we have a reservation in a restaurant to listen to Fado music. This time we go. It's all about yearning, I was told. I know this feeling, but I don't think that I will cry tonight. Hahaha.......

When we left the plane I said to E: Darling as long as we've the energy to travel we're supposed to do it. Perhaps one day it's too much for us.
One day is perhaps never.........:)

Ready too early.....

Ready too early. I could have practiced a bit longer, I think. I'm always nervous to be too late. Fact is I'm never too late. My suitcase is packed already. Till 12am I can stay in the room. Twice the cleaning women knocked  on the door. But what shall I do at the reception. I prefer to be here  reading or blogging.

It felt good to practice. To have a time limit helps me to practice concentrated. One asana after the other were done.
- It's surely better when the rest of the life, the rest of the activities support the yoga practice. Then the practices become really smooth. I fly through the series. Progress comes faster.
- Sometimes my practice leads me back to a healthy life. My body speaks to me. I have body feeling. I feel what is good for me and what is not good for me. It was too much food yesterday. Sigh.

Next practice will take place in Lisbon.

We'll have 2 days for us, my E and myself. How wonderful. 

Great schedule today

I look out of the window. The sun is shining. My bf will soon leave this hotel room here in Madrid to get to a client. At 12 he'll pick me up. It was the discussion if we shall meet at the airport. But I think he prefers to pick me up. Till 12 I'll have a lot of time for my yoga practice. Primary is shorter than second series. I only want to add a few asanas and of course the 2 asanas of the third series. I have to wait a bit with my practice till the breakfast is digested. They had fresh fruit here. I couldn't resist to eat also other stuff.

In Spain people speak Spanish. The taxi drivers, the waiters often don't speak a word English. It's amazing how communication functions without having the same language. At least we've the same currency now. This makes travelling within Europe easier.
We know that people eat late in Spain. At 9:30pm we were at this restaurant last night. They offered veg paella. How wonderful. The restaurant was almost empty. Later it filled with people. Habits are so different in different countries. I'm used to eat earlier. I ate  too much yesterday. I didn't eat like a bird, but like a hungry tiger. After the paella I was so full, I couldn't eat a dessert anymore. Impossible. So it is. Me too I get seduced sometimes to eat much too much.

Tonight we'll be in Lisbon, Portugal. It's one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I'm looking forward to this city. E will have time and we'll stroll around a lot. :)

Picture: Shalabasana B. It's good that I don't look upwards. In most back bending asanas drishti is not upwards, but the third eye or the nose. When looking upwards it's very likely that the front is wrinkled. This is not the goal. Whatever we practice the face remains relaxed, focused. No matter what feelings and body sensations a pose might cause, the face remains relaxed. This approach is good to life events, too. A part of us stays relaxed, because everything comes and goes. Life is too short not to be relaxed. Life is what must be enjoyed, every part of it. To run behind happiness is nonsense. I tell you. Life has more to offer. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A few pictures of Madrid

At least once I was out with my E. A last night here and tomorrow I'll be on my way to Lisbon.

Oh, oh, this paella was too much, but very delicious. 

Dramatically close

OK, I exaggerated. The fingers are not dramatically close to the toes.

But can it be that the elbows are closer together? A tiny bit at least?

This pose is possible, I know it. 

Good that the weather is so cold here

It's so cold here in Madrid that I prefer to stay in the hotel. At night I'll go out with E, this is enough for me. I turned on the heater  and I practiced second series, as planned (haha).

Every practice counts.
What to do to improve kapotasana? I think it would be good to repeat it up to 5 times and to hold the pose longer. I can add one breath every week. Let's see.

I also exercised the first two asanas of the third series. The first months of trying these poses is a challenge for the mind. I know it can be possible to do it. For now exploring the pose is important. Both poses are very demanding. The best attitude is to be curious and not to get frustrated because the performance is so lousy, even ridiculous.

In the middle of my photo shooting my self-timer stopped working. There is always something.

From a relaxed calm state sometimes one is pulled to joy, sometimes to frustration, sometimes to happiness. One can always return to that calm state of being. How? Focusing on the breath is a good method. Observing is another very good method. That's what we exercise during a practice.

In my view this is also what yoga can teach: There is discomfort felt perhaps, but one stays calm and focuses on the breath. Whatever happens, if we fall out of a pose or if a pose is not possible or if a pose is excellent, one focuses on the breath, one observes and one moves on.

It's time to meditate 10 min to experience how it feels when the mind is relaxed and the body too. 

My back bending preparation today

If the bed weren't so high, it would be better.
How to bring the elbow closer together. I strap might help. 

Madrid and it's cold

It's exactly what the weather report predicted. It can even snow here in Madrid was the message. This morning I saw that the roofs of the cars were white. People walked around with umbrellas, they still do. My yellow umbrella is in Munich. That way I wanted to influence the weather. This was not successful.
It's all perfect as it is.
I can practice and I want to practice: second series. This hotel room inspired me already for some pictures. I have my tripod with me. Instead of strolling around, I'll be creative.

This morning I got up with E. I wanted to have breakfast with him. In the breakfast room were mainly lonesome men sitting on the small tables. Some were already there with the PC.
Please let them make the beds soon, so that I won't be interrupt anymore.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The series - beds in which I spent a night or two

I've my 50mm lens with me. This is the only one I packed. It's an interesting lens.

Nothing stays as it is. In a min or so these cushions will look differently already. Time to relax a bit. 

Arrived in Madrid, Spain

Yepeeee, I arrived in the hotel and what a surprise, they offer free Wifi here.
The ideal yoga place looks different. I'm so happy that I have room enough to role out my blue sticky mat.

I'm the first here. My E is still in the air between Barcelona and Madrid.

It's rather fresh here and windy. This was what the weather report told me yesterday. Optimistic as I am I packed too many summer clothes in my suitcase. Haha.....

I'm ready for Madrid.

1 intensive hour of yoga

Ah, one hour I was on my mat. Sweating. I had to try the new pose. It's so difficult. I think: it's doable if I exercise is often enough.

My only concern now: What to pack, what to pack.
In 10 min I'll be on the road again via Madrid, Spain............

Monday, March 19, 2012

10 min meditation

No rules.

It might be good to sit in the morning, it might be good to do it after pranayama, it might be good......

No rules. They can become an obstacle.

And it feels so good to sit.

It's simplicity.

10 min focusing on the breath and observing the thoughts how they come and go and returning to the breath again and again.

This can be so relaxing.
The reason why it's good would fill pages.

10 min only, I'm back to that practice. 

Excellent, excellent

Surprise, surprise, my second series was excellent this morning. I don't know why. A gift from heaven. My focus was my breath, till the end. Not becoming sloppy at the end is also important. Only when in the relaxing pose at the very end I let go of controlling the breath, using the bandhas, gazing at a point.

I want to make a plan for my practices to come as I'll travel tomorrow. My flight to Madrid, Spain departures at 2:40pm. Nervous as I am I want to be at the airport at 12. This means that I have to leave my home at 11am.
- As usual I'll set my alarm clock at 6am. I'm cautious. In most cases I also get up. Hahaha. Coffee, a quick shower, writing my journal, I think I could be through all this by 7:30. No stress. At 7:30 I can step on my mat. To practice till 9:30 is indeed a good time. Then I'll have 90 min for packing, showering again. This sounds like a good plan.
- Wednesday I'll practice in the hotel. Hopefully there is enough room. Second series is on the schedule again
- On Thursday morning we'll fly to Lisbon, Portugal. I cannot imagine that I'll practice that day.
- On Friday I'll practice primary. This doesn't last as long as second series.
- It would be good to practice on Saturday morning. Primary is good.
- On Sunday we'll fly back. I cannot imagine that I'll practice on that day. The flight goes early.

Write it down, let it happen.
Often this helps. Sometimes not. Hahaha......As an advanced beginner of yoga I observe and I'm happy that I'm alive, that I can breathe, that I can see, feel, hear........

Not important, hahaha, next Monday I get the next pose. :) (Viswamitrasana)

The book "The willpower Instinct" by Ph.D., Kelly McGonigal is excellent. It's full of tips based on scientific reasearches. One tip here: In case you have an inner dialogue like shall I eat the chocolate or not, or shall I practice or not, then pause and plan. Make your breath slow (8 breath) per minute and then do what is reasonable. It works. Test it. Again the breath. It's a tool an effective one.
(Oh, you can get it via my blog. On the right side is a link....:) )

I will have 10 min today for meditation. I will love it. 

Who and what shall stop me today?

I go with the flow. And yesterday I was supposed to stroll along the Isar with my E. It was wonderful. The first warm sun rays pleased us.

It's nonsense, but it is so: when I have an Ashtanga yoga break of too days I fear the next practice. Hopefully I won't be too stiff I think. Nothing can be held teaches me this lesson. Everything is passing quickly. Today's flexibility is tomorrows stiffness. One can only accept this. I can go to a Mysore class and this helps a lot. Thanks to everybody here who has the energy to move the body to the shala. The last times the shala was crowded on Mondays.

I will focus on the breath and the break between inhaling and exhaling. Don't blend the movements, my Indian pranayama teacher told me. He was right. It takes some time till one realizes if one has reached the limit. This tiny pause between inhaling and exhaling is important. If there is not such a tiny pause the practice looks very sloppy. The mind stops thinking for a while. Clearly the next inhaling or exhaling initiates the next movement.

The break between inhaling and exhaling is it for me today.

A new week has started and it will be an exciting week as far as I can see it. Tomorrow I'll be on the road again. I'll meet E in Madrid. He's on the road already today. Oh, I'll have a very busy day today............

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Late already

.....and now I need some sleep to be fit tomorrow for the Mysore class.
I hope it won't be too hard, I'll handle this tomorrow. Hahaha.......