Sunday, February 26, 2012


What a practice! The body was soft and transparent, light, flexible, strong. If this all comes together and when it's in addition afternoon already, a practice is pure joy.

Today I had again the feeling that standing up from urdhva dhanurasana could be possible.
It also seemed to me as if the vinyasas improved.

Above all I think that we can all be happy and content that we discovered such an awesome practice.

Tomorrow the show can go on, please with the same intensity like today. :)


BikramYoga said...

This yoga is really very effective I found your blog to be greatly interesting. I will be coming back to your site for more information.

dassocmed said...

Is that a wallaby in your picture? If not it sure looks like the small kangaroo type creatures we have in Australia

Ursula said...

Someone on google+ thought it's a mouse, but this is never a mouse.

It can indeed be a wallaby, so they looked like when I was in Australia.

Ursula said...

I love to see visitors of my blog coming back.....:) Be entertained.