Friday, February 24, 2012

"When practicing yoga the mind must sweat." B.K.S. Iyengar

Yeah, I enjoy my cup of coffee.
Yesterday's primary was satisfying in the best sense. I had focus. It's easier to focus and to practice concentrated when the exercise is easier. Primary is easier for me than second series.

The quote in the title is by B.K.S. Iyengar who is still practicing yoga at the age of 93. He gave me a kick in the ass yesterday. Quickly I was on my mat after having read this  interview with him in a German magazine.
AT 5am he gets up every day, drinks half a cup of coffee, then he practices one and a half hour pranayama. After this he goes to the post office. Then he practices asanas till 12 o'clock. Wow. He's practicing with his students.

B.K.S. Iyengar about Krichnamacharya: Krichnamacharya the teacher and relative of Iyengar was very controlling. Iyengar was even forbidden to have friends. Iyengar is no more angry with him for a long time. He loved the passion of Krichnamacharya. Also in India Krichnamacharya wasn't taken seriously, but he never gave up. Yoga used to be a spiritual path. To combine the body and mind was not known. One didn't know that manuals (centuries old) for this did exist. Krichnamacharya must have been lonesome with his view on yoga. His light shines till today.

B.K.S also told a story that he was forced to do hanumanasana on stage and he wasn't able to do it. He was injured afterwards. It took years till it was healed.

Krichnamacharya saw how good yoga can be for women and Iyengar was the first teacher of women. He was not yet grown-up and not a true man therefore (lol). Teaching women was a turning point in the life of Iyengar. Later the women were behind him like hell, but he managed it to resist. His thick eyebrows helped him to keep the ladies in distance. Hahaha.........This was also one reason why he looked so seriously on the pictures. I even believe him.
This reminds me: Pulling the face doesn't mean that one is focused. The face is relaxed when practicing yoga.

Iyengar practiced up to 10 hours in his youth.
Are we softies nowadays?

Today I go to a Mysore class. I've too many asanas that need special attention. Might I progress fast. Lol.

Btw, I hope you enjoy my pictures from the zoo. Yesterday I asked what it costs to get the allowance to sell them. They want 50% of the profit. This is too much and too much bureaucracy. They are for private use now, for my blog so to say. They want to protect with this strategy the shop owners in the zoo. The animal pictures on the cups that they sell there are lousy. My view of course.


Kitharo said...

Namaste...I don't think we're softies - we just don't have the time. I think everyone has days when you could practice the whole day but it isn't possible, because you've to work, meet people,... practicing so many hours cries for an ashram ;) (and sometimes that would be really nice)

Ursula said...

It's true, Kitharo.

I've also other interests. I want to dedicate time for my photography and friends. To practice 2 and a half hour six times a week is already pure luxury in my eyes. I enjoy to have so much time for Ashtanga yoga, more would be too much.

Have a nice weekend.