Saturday, February 04, 2012

What photography teaches me

Nothing is as it seems. 
I've always a camera in my handbag. My eyes are hunting beautiful and also ugly pieces of this world. My eyes hunt things and people that make them stop looking around. Suddenly they focus and they've found something interesting.  It can be anything. Really? What interests me is surely something else that interests another person of this world. Our table neighbors yesterday in that Indian restaurant, 3 young people wouldn't have seen this little statue perhaps. They were occupied with the discussion if they should share a starter or not. They were so busy with themselves, this occupied their minds, not little statues or buddhas.

A picture is only a part of the whole scenery. This is the same in life. I can only see a tiny parts of it. Even in a small yoga shala I can never ever see everything. Seeing only a part of it can be seen as a manipulation.

My conditioning gives meaning to things. Other people see different things in different objects. This little statue above and below can be seen as a buddha that guides in life. It can be seen as an object that stands around to make the room more beautiful, more Indian-like. 

When I want to capture something I take a picture, upload it in Lightroom, a software to make pictures better (or worse). When I'm ready with this editing work, some pictures are so far away from what I've seen originally, that I scarcely recognize the place or thing that I've captured half an hour later. 

It's all an illusion. 

Seeing this, can have consequences. 
Why taking what we perceive through our senses so seriously if it's all maya, a dream, an illusion, manipulation for the better or the worse?
Life becomes easier when this is seen. Then life is entertainment. Inside a smile can filter everything at the end, the anger, the ambition, the lust, the boredom, the greed, the excitement, because it's all an illusion. It's an illusion that changes permanently. 

I enjoy my second cup of coffee. How I love these morning hours. Daily life is good for me. Soon I'll walk to the bakery to get some croissants for my E. His relationship to food is simple. What tastes good for him, he eats. He must like it, this is his filter. My relationship to food is rather complicated and more ascetic. Is this healthy for me, I wonder. I also don't want to do harm to animals. I must like it of course, too. Then I disrespect these rules and eat mango cream with ice cream. I love it. It tastes delicious. Two of my general guidelines are neglected: it's made of animal products, and I'll see it on the scales the next day, I gain weight when I eat this and this makes my yoga more difficult. Both creates an inner conflict: Was this really necessary that  ate this, I wonder. My bf simply enjoys. He might reflect to order another one. A variation is to eat from my dessert, too. Hahaha.......Yeah, I'll get him a croissant as a special weekend breakfast. It's a great joy for me to see him eating it. It can be seen how he loves it. When he's eating, he's eating. I eat and talk, I eat and talk.......
And what shall I eat for breakfast? an apple with a few nuts and soy yogurt??????? As usual.
Oh yeah, I think it's good that health is so important to me. I'll cook again this weekend. Something healthy, something vegan. It will be delicious, too. 


Anna said...

You and E. are a good team!

Ursula said...

I think we are.

It was so funny lately. We were in a private flat and had to put off our shoes. We both had colorful knitted socks on, while the others had black socks on that fitted to the pair of trousers.
E's socks were blue with pattern, mine pink. I laughed the whole day because of this.

He's so tall and I'm so tiny, but the socks showed somehow that we're a couple