Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I'm well rested. I heard the alarm clock, but I slept as long as I wished. It's no more early now, who cares.
I dreamed of cats last night. One slept even in my bed. Perhaps because the photographers on Google+ like Caturday and every Saturday they post pictures of cats. No, I 'm not fallen in love with one of them, I'm in love with all of them. lol. My bed was empty yesterday. Monster E is in Switzerland, so there was room for other creatures. My E is rather a bear than a cat. Mainly hairy, I think and I enjoyed the company of the cat.

I dedicated my time to my second time-intensive passion last night: photography. I discovered a photographer from Prague: Martin Stranka. In a German magazine he explained his success: be yourself, be loved by few and not understood by many.
Soon I took pictures, I experimented, I was inspired. I'm not sure how I find the results. Deletion is also important here. A photographer friend of mine wrote: be bold. This can mean a lot. For me it can mean working with colors, an uncommon perspective, accessories. What else? It's a path and a good question: what is bold for me? What stories do I like to tell? Like Ashtanga yoga, photography is a tool to get to know oneself. Being bold is for me not being naked. I've seen so many naked people. It's rather the game of showing and hiding, making curious, being oneself. These ramblings fit more to my blog on photography.

Back to my yoga practice: Second series plus one pose of third series is on my schedule. Hahaha. Home practice is the final goal, I think. On Sunday I had an excellent primary (led class). Yesterday I had a lousy second series. What comes today? I observe and become more and more relaxed towards the daily ups and downs. This has to be so, I think. It goes either up or down. Likes alter with dislikes and so on.....Wishes come and go. lol. Not that I'm so relaxed always. Right now I am, I enjoy my second cup of coffee............
I'm ready for the day and it's surprises. 

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