Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The snow monster on the picture spoiled my sleep tonight. During winter when snow is everywhere, they start working after midnight. I wake up, I hear it when the engines of this orange vehicles howl. In addition I had awful dreams. At 7am I got up and saw the snow storm outside. I showered, I had a tiny breakfast, dressed and left my cosy home. On the way to the tram I thought: weather can never be an excuse not to go to a Mysore class. I repeated this sentence for myself. My scarf warmed my ears and my head. My fingers got cold despite the gloves. The last piece of way from the subway to the shala I trudged through the snow.

I practiced. It was an average practice. I felt a bit stiff. No highlights come into my mind. my focus was rather to have flow, which is difficult enough when I practice second series and one pose of third series, hahaha. This wobbling vasisthasana I must mention. Almost two and a half hours I exercised the body and the mind. What a lovely morning. So good I felt when I put on one layer of warm clothes after the other.

Have you ever talked with someone and have you felt that he/she was absent, thinking of anything else, but not following the conversation with you? I realize this at once. Being present on the own mat is the goal. This is the mental exercise, it's a concentration exercise. This intensifies the practice. These mental exercises are as important as the performance of an asana.

Tomorrow yoga comes first.
Tomorrow my home practice has priority, before I do anything else. I intend to start early. 


Anna said...

Ursula - this is most impressive about you, that you don't stay in just because the weather is too ------ whatever. You are right: the key to life is movement. I need to keep that in mind - you are such a good role model for me in this respect.

Ursula said...

This is also being focused. Sometimes I succeed. :)

Thank you for your compliment.