Friday, February 10, 2012

Up. Tired. Still winter.

Yep. It's still cold. How good for me that Mysore classes are offered. This gives my life a clear structure. Yesterday I didn't practice. I thought to do some other important activities. One of these activities was a phone call. It turned out that I had provoked the young man on the other side. From one second to the other he got furious. I was present. The rhythm of my speaking got faster, too, but only to adjust to him and to describe my point of view in a way he was able to understand. Even though this is not important to be understood. 
After my 2 activities I had the feeling as if the work of the day is done. 

I went out for lunch with my book by Annie Leibowitz. I'm through now. The waiter wanted to see what I was reading. I showed him some pictures. Like me, he knew them, but he didn't know that Annie had taken them. Now I know a lot of picture of her of course. After a while the handsome waiter removed the plate. I had finished my Thai inspired meal. 
"Give me a little break," I said to him "then I'd love to have something sweet." 
"Myself?" he answered.  
I laughed, a deep laughter. Haha. 

I can hear how someone is shoveling the snow that is fallen over night. Snow is light......(and soon dirty mud).

It's ordered now. The kindle. As a book lover I need it. There are always new material wishes that arise on the horizon. 

Oh, I must hurry.........

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