Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today a photographer motivated me to step on the mat

Oh my the book is in my kindle. I don't know yet ho to jump to the beginning and back to where I stopped reading. I'll mention him here for sure as I love his book. One must do something alone he recommends. Just me and myself. I think he's right. Finally one must fly or jump or crawl alone. One must take the own pictures, one must write the own, one must approach people by oneself. Practicing yoga alone on my mat strengthen this muscles. It keeps the fire burning without the need of someone else.

I was happy that I practiced second series alone today. When I'm alone I always take the time to explore the poses. At the latest when one has started practicing third series it becomes clear, it's about the hips. The asanas enlarge the mobility of the legs in all directions.

So writing time is over. Me too I have to see the documentary on yoga. It seems so, it's a yoga day today....:) I could do worse things. Hahahaha......


Tânia Freire said...

Hi Ursula!

Always glad to check out your blog :)
I really believe everyday is a yoga day. Yoga becomes part of you, and you... you became yoga.


Ursula said...


Yoga makes indeed every day minimum a tiny bit brighter....:)