Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Storage paid


This early afternoon I paid the storage for my pictures here: 5.95 USD they want for storing my pictures, lol. They is Google.
A friend to me: I thought it's free.
Me: For the average publisher yes, but not if you publish as much as I do. lol.
(I know you love my pictures........:))

 Brrhhhhh was it cold when I picked up my books from the post station. The vegan cooking book "Candle 79" arrived today. It's a collection of the recipes of the NYC restaurant Candle 79. A lovely book.
Shall it help to solve my "weight problems", lol. I enjoyed too many restaurants with my E last month. It's all perfect as it is.
In February I focus on something else than weight: Handstand and pincha mayurasana in the middle of the room. I'll face my fears to fall in February. Ha,........(as if Idon't know how it is to fall.......I used to stand up afterwards, that was it.)

Mysore classes start one hour earlier on Wednesdays. To be precise we start at 8am now and I appreciate it a lot. It seems as if I've more time. I want to ban my yoga to the mornings. At 12pm, it shall be done. To get up at 6am is good, too.
I enjoyed my practice this morning. The new pose was already a tiny bit better. Kapotasana a tiny bit worse. Hahaha, it all entertains me.
First it's important for me if I have practiced according to my potential and I have. I had access to my energy and I was focused. Breath was even and deep.
Second important is the performance of the asanas. There is always something to improve. So it's much more satisfying to focus on point one.

Tomorrow I'll practice at home, primary. Something good. 

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