Thursday, February 09, 2012

Slightly trembling

The cold weather will still last. Overnight I turn off the heater. It's the first action in the morning to turn it on. My flat never gets very cold, but I'm thin and then one feels low temperatures very fast. Then I head to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee for myself. While the water is running through the filter I exercise nauli. It wakes me up.

My yoga plan for today: primary with first pose of third series and some extra asanas like split pose (forward and sideward). Vasisthasana is a challenge.
It could be good to start with the CD by Sharath till the end of the standing sequence.

"The Descendants" with Mr Clooney were very nice. I didn't understand everything, it was not so important. Especially the cursing of the daughters I'd have loved to understand. I got the gist of the story, shall this be enough.  It was very nice to see the places of Hawaii where we've been last November.

So, I'm dressed very nicely now. For special days, special clothes. I even dress my pearls. I have to go. It's a Champagne day today, for sure. But I won't drink, as I like to balance in yoga poses later.

Picture: Munich during winter times. 


krille59 said...

Vasisthasana Is a tough pose, I know.
I tried to go in to Marichyasna C the way I read in your blog. It worked great. I have struggled with that asana before, and now it is much easier
I really like to read your blogg. Thank you

Ursula said...

I'm happy that it helped you. Then it was worth putting the effort in writing it.

Much fun with the twists. The twists of primary are basic, nevertheless demanding.