Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday is a day off

These days off from a yoga practice on Saturdays is to stay motivated. On Sunday mornings I think already that it would be nice to practice Ashtanga yoga again.
I have time for other activities when I don't practice. This relaxes me as well, sometimes more than a yoga practice, because things get done. My bathroom is so much cleaner now. I had time to prepare a salad for dinner. We (my E and myself) were downtown for a coffee which was very nice and relaxing.

Tonight I had nightmares. They are forgotten. Finally I dreamed that I took pictures. The room was too dark and the light from the desk lamp was too weak to give enough light. All pictures were too dark and more or less for the garbage. This was not a nice dream either, but not a nightmare. This is so in photography. Only few pictures are wow-pictures. Other passions come into being. On Friday I met a friend and I talked longer about photography than I talked about yoga.

My yoga practice is a very important part of my life, redundant to say. Nevertheless I limit it. 2 and a half hours of practice 6 times a week is enough. Beside this I write about it, I study Youtube videos and and and. Enough. Dena is coming to Hamburg. She is  one of the yoginis I'd like to study with. To travel to Hamburg, to pay for the trip the hotel, the workshop is too much for me. I'll miss something, yes. A part of me is also sad that I won't go. I cannot do everything. Feed-back is so necessary, but the direction is clear. One has to learn to practice without props, without straps and blocks and blankets, even without a teacher last but not least. It's a challenge but this is the way.

Today my yoga week starts with a led class in the afternoon. I'm looking forward to it.
Primary is on the schedule. Supta parsvasahita is weakest asana of this series. If this pose were better vasisthasana would be better and easier, too. The only idea that I have how to improve this pose is to hold it longer.
In class I'll focus on the vinyasas. I feel it, I get closer and closer, one day I'll manage it to jump forward and backward without touching the floor with my foot when making these transitions.

Self-study is part of the yoga path. It's important to understand the asanas. To understand that all movements begin with the breath of course, but that they also start from the middle of the body, the hips so to say is a great support. Also regarding supta parsvasahita it's much better to think about opening the hips than to think to push the foot down to the floor. This happens when the hips are open.

Time to write my diary. I'll sit on the floor in upavistha konasana. Yoga is part of my life.
Right now I sit in  lotus pose. Poses become more and more comfortably the longer one exercises them. 


Anna said...

Surely yoga IS your life: it underpins everything you do and the manner in which you think and express yourself.

Ursula said...

...that's perhaps not so bad. Just returned from a led was wonderful......:)

Anna said...

Today there was a big football match - FA Cup Final. Really enjoyed it. I thought of you as I know you like the high-level matches and commentary. So interesting.

Ursula said...

Indeed, I'm a big fan of these final soccer matches, especially when it's internationally.

It's about management, strategy, concentration, tactics, condition.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it. There is a world off the mat, too. :)