Thursday, February 02, 2012

Primary today - a home practice

The heater is on already. It's cold here. Awfully cold. Outside. In my rooms it's warm, but I can feel the minus temperatures. I tremble slightly. Perhaps a second cup of coffee will warm me from the inside. I try not to complain about the weather. It has also nice moments when dressed warmly. During these cold days I put on two pair of trousers, a T-shirt, a pullover, a cap, a coat, a scarf, boots and warm knitted socks. This scarcely allows me to move. Being wrapped so warmly it's fun to walk around even at night. After dinner my E and myself go out for a walk, a nice habit. At night it's even a bit colder. This empties the mind. Thinking needs warmth. At home again one really appreciates the warmth.

Primary is on the schedule today.
I'll focus on the vinyasas.
A few additional asanas are planned like forward split and side split.
In the last two weeks I appeared a bit late in the Mysore class. No dawdling was allowed when I wanted to finish my series in the remaining time. With a certain speed and urgency I went through the asanas and felt flow and intensity. In the end, just before urdhva dhanursana my body was really baked (and flexible). I drop back again on my own. To come up seems doable again.

So, a few necessary chores are done. E has left the villa motley. Time to step on my mat. 

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