Monday, February 27, 2012

Pictures like this shock me.

Pictures like this shock me. From one second to the other I'm modest again, I'm down to earth again, with both feet.
When I do this, it feels as if my feet are a few inches away from my head and that in a few weeks or so my toes can scratch my head. The picture tells me another truth.
I console myself: Remember, 2 years ago you were scared to do handstand, now this.
Of course I see now why M tells me to open and to stay open in the upper back when I "fall" into urdhva dhanurasana from there.

Oh, I'm so stiff, lol.

Oh, my Ashtanga practice today was much much better than I thought it would be. I had an excellent start in this week. Doing is everything.
At home I checked the DVD by Richard Freeman.
He said: Keep your sense of humor when you practice.

Keep your sense of humor. :) Off the mat, too. 


Anna said...

This is incredible!

Ursula said... mean that I cannot yet bring my toes to my head after all these years of practicing???? lol

Anna said...

Hahaha. Yes, absolutely pathetic!

Ursula said...


Anonymous said...

Of course full scorpion is quite difficult to achieve just like that. You can try touching your head with your feet in locust pose first, then you will know for sure that you can do it. Scorpio is much more challenging as it requires much more backward bending that you assume is appropriate in handstand :) You can use other people's help to show you how exactly you should bend, and then let your muscles remember the feeling.

Reginald Daugherty said...

Wow, it may sound easy to do such an asana, but it takes time and practice before one can do it perfectly. I think that's one of the basic positions, if I remember correctly.

Reginald Daugherty

Ursula said...

Thanks for the comments.

I'm not so sure if this pose is basic, but I'm sure that it takes years of practicing it. 2 years I practice it already.........:)

Brian said...

Great post, and pose :-)