Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Night walks

It's most of the time me who is the driving force to convince us to go out for a night walk. I know it's good for him (E) and I always like to move. In 99% it's really relaxing to be out and to walk and to see the beauty of the environment also at night, also when it's cold and snowy or wet. Sometimes I wonder if these walks are really so healthy when we stop at the Croatian restaurant on our way home. Healthy or not, it's a wonderful ritual.

I prepare myself for a home practice tomorrow morning: primary is on the schedule. It's a piece of cake. I must laugh, because if it's done comme il faut it's challenging and not a piece of cake. I search my limits, only this satisfies me. I don't want to betray myself. I want to find out what is possible. I want to be concentrated.  And I want to add some extra exercises like handstand and vasisthasana. I'm curious what will happen, I'll observe.

The picture here has some dramatic, don't you think so? It's the view out of my window. There was a snow storm today. Only my 50mm lens can produce such an atmosphere. 

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