Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My kindle arrived.

Yeah, so it looks like when I stretch my head out of the window. It snowed overnight. It's still snowing. We've a very active winter service here. Everywhere are these little stones  to make it safe to walk. It's inevitable that one brings these little stones home. When I walked barefoot here this morning I realized it the unpleasant way.  My soft pampered feet stepped on these tiny but hard stones. I vacuumed them and did some chores first. It was necessary.
I don't like to skip yoga today because my to do list is long. Best is I write down what I want to do. Most things I love to do:
1. Preparing a selections of pictures I want to show the woman who wants to exhibit them is on my list. She shall have a choice. Nevertheless I don't want to show her 100 pictures or more.
I want to produce some black and white pictures, because right now black and white pictures are on her wall and I don't know if she prefers this style. I'm not such an artist who ignores the wishes of the potential clients, lol. Yesterday I found out what it costs to have the pictures on a material so that one can hang them on a wall. It's all new territory for me. It seems to be affordable either for her or for me. When I go through my old pictures I realize how my pictures have changed. One reason is that I've better equipment now (3 lenses for my Nikon devil). This is so. It's possible to take a nice shot with a mobile phone. More possibilities are given with better tools, one must only learn to use them.
Here is a link to my smug mug page. I want to use this side to show her the pictures. I hope she has wifi.
Feed back to the selection is welcomed.
2. I've a shopping list.
3..........and and and....

My kindle arrived yesterday. I'm glad that I bought it and I hesitated for so long. Space for books is limited here is the main reason why I need such a thing. In addition I see that one has to use the new gadgets in order to be up to date. It's easy to use, but it's not a book. First I had to set up the connection to our wifi network. It's locked. So E had to open it first. To navigate, to highlight, to write down notes, all this is possible. How to do it can become a routine. Using a kindle the first time requires time to learn how to use it. I set it up for English language as I always want to improve my English. What happened is that I can buy my books now via amazon.com, not amazon.de. This has a disadvantage because I've to pay in USD. This means I've additional bank fees. Now I want to switch to the German kindle. How? It's all easy to use, but not that easy. Not for me.
I love the kindle, because it's so light. I can put it on my legs when I sit in lotus pose without holding it and I can read very comfortably.
In the long run I'm sure I'll save money as the books are cheaper when I download them on my kindle. In the meantime some books are only available as a download on kindle.
I won't have to carry around books in my handbag. My kindle will be enough. I need a condom for it to protect it, this is for sure. I could create one on zazzle...........mmmmmmmm.

Time to step on my mat. 


Globie said...

Books on Kindle here are not cheaper than buying real books. I have a Kindle App on my IPad but only have a couple of books. I don't understand why they are so expensive when there are no printing or postage costs.

Grimmly said...

I'm waiting for a waterproof version for the bath

Grimmly said...

of course there are waterproof cover's here's the cheapest
but there are nicer ones, now I'm tempted.

Garp said...

Kindle is great. A lot of fantastic books are even free. E.g. "Autobiography of a Yogi" which also was Stve Jobs favorite book.

If you want to improve your english, Kindle has very good feature you. If a word is unknown to you, only mark it and an explaination from the english-english Oxford dictonary will pop up.

Christine Jane Diaz said...

Nice pics on your smug mug page. By the way, it's true Kindle is practical and convenient (especially if you don't have enough space for books in your room like me!) If you're ever looking for cheap kindle covers, visit my site anytime by clicking on the link. Thanks! :)