Monday, February 13, 2012

Mondays seem to be difficult

I feel it in the bones on Mondays. Not that I'm astonished. On Sunday evening I've a led class. E picks me up afterwards for dinner. Yesterday I had the full program inclusively a glass of red wine. For my sensitive body it's enough to show reactions the morning after. When I practiced second series this morning it was as if I had sable in the blood and joints. Simply doing it without expectations is it. It's the best what I can do, to be on the mat and to focus on my breath. I know this. New resolutions are made. I know this game already. There will always be contradictions in my life. To be a bit more holy would be good. This week will be a healthy week, I swear.

Time to nap. A break feels good, before jumping around again.

Today it's not so sunny like yesterday, but cold and dark and grey. 

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