Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday morning

I'm sipping the second cup of coffee.
I'm planning the week ahead. Next weekend we'll see my parents. This has an influence on my yoga practice as I won't go to the led class next Sunday: Mo through Wed second series, Thurs, Fri primary.

It's still so early, 7am +. It allows me to wake up slowly. My mind is still sleeping. I hear the noise of the cleaning company on the other side of the street. They woke me up tonight. I look at my picture that I uploaded and I like it. It was a good idea to make a black and white one out of it. The form is dominant. It got some dramatic that way. My belly is warm, the coffee warmed me. I'm yawning.

At about 9:20 I'll start my first sun salutation.......on Mondays I take it easy.

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