Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I prefer summer time

It's cold outside and I dress as many clothes as possible when I go out. I want to feel warm. But the clothes must still allow me to move, a bit at least.

In order to get things done I've to change priorities. Not always practicing one of the Ashtanga series is my no 1 priority. Today it was cleaning and reading (Annie Leibowitz at work).

Google+, facebook, googlemail was open when a window popped up on facebook. A friend from Canada was on his way to work. "Shall I go out for dinner?" I asked him. I couldn't make a decision. He adviced to go and I went to the Italian restaurant round the corner. I must see people, I thought. I'm so often at home, I must go out. I'm enough of a misfit. I want to confront myself with other creatures. The owner of the restaurant remembered my fav lunch: penne al'arrabiata. Something hot for me today. The restaurant was already empty. Lunch time was over. My life rhythm is different from the masses. I follow my own rhythm, what a luxury.

I'm back. I'm at home again. The book by Annie Leibowitz captures me. I must go on reading. 


Vicki Howie said...

I prefer summer time too Ursula! And I thankfully live in Los Angeles. If you want, I will send you a small "sun" to wear on your belly -- one of my third chakra tattoos. It will actually boost your energy :-). You can see what it looks like at www.chakraboosters.com and let me know if I can send you some free sunshine from California. Blessings, Vicki Howie

Anna said...

Following your own path and being in charge of your time is priceless: many people haven't the courage to live outside the dominant paradigm..