Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I feel so cold

I feel so cold. I'm sipping energy tea in the hope it will warm me. My hands embrace the warm cup. They are cold, too. I want to move my fingers even though I have not much to write. The finger ballet on my warm keyboard shall warm, too.

This bear made its rounds. He looked heavy. This was good for this monster these low temperatures. Yep, if I were an ice bear, tralali, tralala.......It makes me smile to go through my pictures from the zoo visit yesterday.

Today I meditated again for 10 min in the late afternoon. I was very calm. Sitting in padmasana for 10 min is no issue at all anymore. Also in the end I didn't feel my legs. The sitting position is very good because I feel I sit stable. My back is upright in that queen asana. To enjoy 10 min of silence every day is a wonderful habit.

Tomorrow morning primary, home practice: the vinyasa and back bending is my focus. I must manage it to come up from urdhva dhanurasana. On my own. One must burn by oneself. From the inside.


Joanne Sherrard said...

Hi Ursula,
I couldn't help but notice the polar bear photo on your post. The following polar bear had a very different fate indeed:

Ursula said...

I really wish that we more and more appreciate and respect other beings on this earth.