Friday, February 10, 2012

For Claudia

This song is for you Claudia, bye-bye.

You should have rebelled. But this, one has to find out by oneself, probably.
56 is too young to leave this world.

I was searching a picture with you on it to upload it here. I know I have some. They are somewhere.

"People like you don't exist anymore", you used to say to me. I've still some clothes from you from your boutique that you closed last year. You remembered this sexy silver silk top that I got from you a few years back. This I'll dress tonight. In honor of your life. You'll be missed.


Debb said...

It is difficult to lose someone from this Earth that is important, or was important, to us here. I recently was grieving over the loss of a 65 year old woman who was important in my life, when my yoga teacher said.. "her mission here on earth was accomplished." What I may think is long enough is often different from what the mapping of the universe thinks is long enough to be here. That comment helped me accept it - her passing through.. We never know when it will be over.. so I intend to go dancing tonight!! It's been too long for that. I'll have my own "Mick Jagger" to watch. The singer of the band is fantastic.. enjoy life, dear U..

Ursula said...

I always love your comments, Debra.

More or less I don't see my relatives so often. It has reasons and I understand also why this is so, not that I find it good. I know that you understand that it would go too far to go deeper here on a public blog.
It is as it is. She left us and I'm reminded that life happens. It's out of our control what paths our lives go, we can only accept and observe, the good, the bad and the ordinary.

I also want to remember Claudia as someone who loved to fly to Las Vegas to gamble there. :)

...and you go dancing....:) great.
I do enjoy life.....:) I know you do, too. I wish you good dancers.........yeah, this is important.....:)

Anna said...

Rest in Peace. That's what we hope for.