Wednesday, February 08, 2012


That I had a yoga free day yesterday; this had no negative influence on my practice this morning. It was an excellent practice. Also when I practice second series I experience flow these days. Not so many breaks are needed anymore. This means I must have become stronger. I gave special attention to the asanas like karandavasana and kapotasana. Vashistasana I repeated. I feel it, it looks awfully. Hahahaha.....

I look at my clock. It's almost 2pm. Nothing but yoga and chores are done. I did nothing by now which was not absolutely necessary. Time runs too fast.
Shall my morning now be over.
I'll nap a bit before starting the second part of the day, the afternoon. A to do list exists.

Picture: The park round the corner.


Anna said...

Don't you love 'to do' lists? They make me feel so happy - even if I only tick off one thing!

Ursula said...

They give me orientation. They calm me because they give me the feeling I've nothing forgotten what is necessary for survival.

My most important things are done now. I'm happy.

We'll watch "The descendants" tonight. Have you seen it already? It's made on Hawaii.