Sunday, February 05, 2012


Brrrhhhhhhh, minus 13 degrees here. The yoga shala was warm. How good. I went to a led class today. Daily practice is what brings progress. I trust this rule. In addition I try not to cheat. I search my limits. I hold the leg high in utthita eka padasana till it burns. You must burn to shine, I read lately. So true.
I press firmly hands and feet against the mat when I'm in urdhva dhanursana. Shall this help me too, to come up on my own finally. I'm patient here, but I give my best.

My body has changed in the last years. My body became like a strong rubber strap. I can feel the stretch. It's not only an inch that I can go further when I feel the limit. I can stretch my body into a pose more and more. It feels even good. I realize the softness, resistance is fading. This gives me the feeling of being liberated. As if I've cleaned my body from all the clutter that it has gathered and that prevented me from moving. The pain and injuries that were stored in my muscles in my body is stretched away. I can move again. My possibilities became larger.

E picked me up after yoga. He invited me for dinner in the Indian restaurant close to the shala. It entertains me how many alcoholic beverages they have there. It's adjustment to Western life style, I think.

What would I do without my yoga practice? It's such a joy in my life. To start is never easy. I felt reluctance to go. "I think you like it", E said to me. Me: "Yeah, I like it when I've done the first inhaling."

One night between two practices. It's short, but doable. I'll go to bed on time.

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