Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yoga-expo, planning my first rishi session

Today is the yoga-expo in Munich. I won't go. It's about 2 hours commuting time in sum.
I wonder what I can expect?
- It's surely great to meet all the yogis and yoginis who come to Munich also from other towns.
- Let's face it: A fair is very interesting for people who are new to yoga and who want to find their yoga style. In my case I can say I've found already. I focus.

For me it makes more sense to practice the rishi series i.e. than to spend time and money on a fair. Of course, if I want that events like this exist, me too I have to go. But I've been there already. Perhaps next year again. But then I plan it and I'll make appointments with yogis, yoginis I know.

My plan for today is cleaning and going to a led class. I want to take some pictures.

Watching the program "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here", makes me stay up late. It's after midnight when I'm horizontal finally. It was the last time that I watched it. The excitement is no more there.

Here my plan for my first rishi series practice. These 10 poses I want to hold for 50 breaths or 4 min:
1. dandasana (lol)
2. paschimottanasana A
3. ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana
4. Janu sirsasana A
5. marichyasana A
6. marichyasana C
7. baddha konasana A
8. upavishta konasana A
9. supta hasta padangusthasana
10. supta parsvasahita

This is something for next week, something for a calm evening. 


Anonymous said...

I find this subject fascinating - Rishi Series. I liked the idea of working through each pose once I have completed second, holding each for 50 breaths to prepare for advanced. Not quite there yet. Have made it up to eka pada sirsasana ( just can't get it yet). If I'm honest, my kapotasana needs much work - probably years.

If I did a Rishi practice I think my top ten would be:
1. Janu Sirsasana A
2. Baddha Konasana
3. Pasasana
4. Ardha Matsyendrasana
5. Salabhasana A
6. Ustrasana
7. Paschimottanasana
8. Sarvangasana
9. Sirsasana
10. Padmasana

Loving your blog - great yoga posts.


Ursula said...

I love your 10 asanas....:)

It's a good exercise I think. If one is able to remain in a pose for 50 breath or 4 min, the pose is mine then.....:)

Happy practices.

Grimmly said...

Nice plan, love that you sneaked dandasana in there : )

Eightlimbs, don't think you have to wait till you've finished 2nd, it's a nice approach on Primary alone.

Ursula said...

I agree fully. One could start very soon with this series.

What am I glad that this knowledge is shared now. :)