Monday, January 02, 2012

What to do when it's difficult to start.

Yesterday i.e. it was difficult for me to start practicing Ashtanga yoga. On the one hand I didn't like to give up my resolutions on the very first day of the year, on the other hand I feared a lousy practice with lots of discomfort.

I found out what helps me to start. I applied it and it worked.
1. First it can already be very helpful to have rolled out the mat.
2. Before starting with the sun salutations I lie down on my back a block under my upper back. It's a passive back bending exercise. I breathe deeply. The breath prepares me.
3. The second pre-exercise is simply to hang forward. This stretches my hamstrings in a very soft way. I give myself time for it.

Usually I'm prepared  for more after these two exercises and I want to practice.
So I did yesterday. My bf is at home, so I practiced one asana after the other without breaks. My practice shouldn't take longer than 3 hours! I was surprised what was possible, discomfort was felt, that's how it is. In sum I enjoyed my practice.

Also today it'll be the early afternoon when I'll step on my mat. 
The Indian dinner at a friend's house was entertaining. We stayed longer than we thought we would. A man played guitar, another one played trompet. It was all not at all perfect but performed with so much joy that it was touching.
Life has priority. I'm happy that I can get up when I'm well-rested. After 7 hours I was out of the bed this morning.

In the kitchen I looked up to the cupboard and what was I happy that this huge bottle of Champagne had found a good day to end its life: New Years Eve. My bf even whispered in my ear: "It tastes good".
It's an ongoing process to make life simpler. This morning I went through one of the cupboard shelves to discard things. Why do I collect so many cotton bags? A few had to go.
I also found a candle. I have it for years. It's such a beautiful candle that I kept it in my cupboard. I found it too beautiful to burn it. But a candle lives to be burned. It's winter time and dark. Yep, this candle brought me joy already with its light.

Time to move on. I've energy and a long to do list. :)

Happy Monday.

Btw, I've also a blog on photography if this interests you. Here is the link.

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