Saturday, January 14, 2012

Virabadrasana A and B, the standing sequence in general

The bended leg is parallel to the walls and floor. The shin bone is parallel to the wall, the upper leg is parallel to the floor. The outer rim of the foot is on the floor, pointing forward. When moving to virabadhrasana B, it's parallel to the wall.
What I see in classes, most people stand too high. This makes this asana easier. Indeed, I thought I'd stay deep, but my pictures told me another story. I took pictures till I got the feeling how far the feet need to be apart so that I stay deep enough. To hang through is also not correct. Here one can see who is a hero and who is a wonna-be hero.

I always ask myself:  what wants this asana.
- it builds strength, for sure
- it also opens the hip of the stretched leg. The hip are supposed to be parallel. As it can be seen on the picture I've to work on this. With this it prepares for the back bending asanas.

Remembering what I've written so far about the standing asanas I see that they build strength, if done correctly. The legs are usually engaged and strong.
The standing sequence are in addition mainly balancing asanas.
The asanas prepare for deep twists, back bending and forward banding asanas.

My rooms are too small for taking good pictures of the hero poses. One day when I'll be in a larger room I'll take pictures of virabhadrasana B.

I'm up early. I set the alarm clock. It was late yesterday when I went to bed, I watched TV. It's the sixth time that "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here," is broadcasted. I like this program for tho reasons mainly:  the group dynamic and the tests that show what is possible. The tests are mental exercises in my view. This young model was great yesterday. How she drank this "blood", oh oh oh oh......

Yesterday my yoga session turned into a photo session. This spoils my practice. It's good on the other hand as I'm learning a lot when looking at my pictures.
Today is Saturday, my yoga free day. I consider to do the sequence from the book by Matthew Sweeney. It's good to know a series that is calm for the days of lower energy.

There is a bit show outside and I feel like going to bed again. Haha....yep, I'll do this. 

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