Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Utthita parsva konasana

The challenge is to keep the hips parallel (and the back straight). It's good to ground the feet first and to engage the legs before one moves forward. This was a difficult pose for me. It has still potential. 

It's a forward bending asana, but at the same time the arm position helps to keep the chest open. The shoulders move backwards and create room in the upper body. 

I read in the book by Lino Miele, Astanga yoga, page 30: "This asana reduces excess fat on the waist and legs and strengthens and tones the muscles of  the legs."

(....always this excess fat, lol.......)

I added this pose in the first years to speed up my progress. The arms serve as a leverage that way and it helped me to go deeper into the pose. Take care here. I was a bit too aggressive once and overstretched my hamstrings. The variation is powerful.

The standing asanas are balancing asanas and shall build strength in the legs, which is so important for everything that comes later. 

This is the last asana of the standing sequence if one practices the second series. 

Oh yes, I enjoyed this day today. I could indeed spend as much time as I wished with all the things I consider important. Yoga was part of it and taking pictures, too. In the evening I prepared a salad consisting of tomatoes, green leaves, pepper and mushrooms. You remember the excess fat.......hahahaha......

Tomorrow primary. 
The vinyasas are one focus. 

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