Thursday, January 12, 2012

Utthita hasta padangusthasana

My trip to Mysore has changed my practice, for sure. In THE shala the pose above was a pose that was always adjusted. The head had to touch the leg. Since then I can do it and I do it also as it is supposed to be.

Advanced starting: When I'm in samasthitih I stretch my arm first so that it is parallel to the floor. My fingers are waiting to grasp the bit toe. With the next inhaling I lift up my leg, straight (not bended). With the next exhaling I bend forward, the leg comes up a bit more as soon as I hold my big toe.

The next two asanas utthita parsvasahita and utthita eka padasana follow without returning to samasthitih also when practicing full vinyasa.

This pose is a balancing pose. At home I've the feeling that the walls hold me. In classes I blame the wobbling yoginis that I wobble, too, sometimes. I love to be challenged in classes. Bandhas, strong legs, a calm mind, an even breath help to balance.

Yeah, I'm up and it's Thursday. Thursday is primary day. I'll add hanumanasana and I'll take care of the vinyasas. I'll exercise handstands. Special attention will go to the vinyasas. It will be a practice focused more on learning but on performing. This means I'll repeat asanas when I think they need to improve.

It's nice to be up early. A bit after 6 I left the mattress. This gives me the feeling that I've time for all the wonderful things I want to do. Tonight I'll go to a photo vernisage. Photographers are a wild bunch of people. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and to see pictures.  

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