Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Upavishta konasana B, the vinyasas are important

Yeap a wonderful pose at the end of primary. One moves from upavishta konasana A to upavishta konasana B as elegantly as possible, that means one swings the stretched legs up. For this the hands leave the toes and grap them again when they are up.
Again and again I realize how important the vinyasas are and not "only" the asanas. The movements between the asanas, these little knots between the pearls count. They require strength.

Yesterday night I tried a very soft version of the rishi series. I started with a few handstand against the wall to warm my body up. It's better to do the sun salutations. Then I set the timer for 4 minutes and did dandasana, then a sun salutation, then paschimottanasana. Oh, oh, to hold this pose that long was a challenge.  It's concentration that is needed. The 3 min seemed to be an eternity. I think it's important to practice this with care as it was indeed possible to go deep into the asana with the potential to overstretch. That was just a feeling. The sun salutation after having hold paschimottansana that long was weak. For me this rishi series is good.
It is a possiblilty to improve the asanas and to exercise concentration with this rishi series. And it's such a calm practice.

My yoga practice was a photo session yesterday. I'm glad that I go to a Mysore class today. Second series is on the schedule.

Oh time to shower, in half an hour I must go........


Grimmly said...

glad you rishi approach went well, your right though it's all about concentration, the count can help with that. I use a timer for paschimottanasana, Shoulder and headstand, Ramaswami has us do ten minutes in all of those as standard but towards the end your wondering if you forgot to press start on the timer.

My next rishi is Bhuja to badhaa konasana decided to put it off till this evening and do 2nd this morning instead. My back's less stiff than it was in the mornings but perhaps not up to 50 breaths in sputa konasana at 6am.

Sun sal in between seems to work well doesnt it i'm treating it as full vinyasa, stretches it out nicely after the long stay.

Ursula said...

Haha, also my thought: have I started the timer????? I think when I start getting impatient and when I only wait till it's over. :)

This is a very good idea to do a full vinyasa. I'll try it, next time, perhaps even tonight.