Sunday, January 15, 2012

Typical me....

I forgot indeed the first asana. It's not paschimottanasana, but dandasana. It seems to be a bit easy perhpas. There is no pose that is sloppy. In dandasana the legs are engaged, the verse lift up from the floor. I've strond calves, it's doable for me.

After paschimottanasana comes a counter pose: purvottanasana. I wanted to omit it as my rooms are too small for taking nice pictures of myself. But then I reminded myself how good I find the rule in Ashtanga not to omit an asana. Mainly one wants to omit the challenging asanas. But here learning can happen. I must be creative, and I will be creative. A picture of purvottanasana will come.
I don't want to make a life philosophy out of it (not to omit anything). The less concepts the better. Letting go of concepts frees the mind.

Nevertheless: Difficulties, resistance are opportunities to learn, to try something new, to change the view, to experience oneself differently. 

It was easy-going to take some shots of myself doing ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana:

Important is to stretch first and then to move forward. The one shoulder moves to the bended knee. I see that I can work on this point. I repeat myself: the asana is only half of the rent. Interesting are the vinyasa, the jumping forward and jumping backward and the exact number of breaths.

Oh, the light is so wonderful, the sun is shining. We'll go out.

Nice encounter today: We've a new neighbor. Today the ring bell and he stood in front of my door. I had just finished my sweaty second series. I hid behind the door, showing my face only and stretching my hand out to say hello. He wanted to introduce himself. This is what I call good manners. A bit of politeness in daily life makes life looking so much better. He has already heard that we're a nice house community here and that we even barbecue together in the backyard during summer time. This man is a wonderful add, here.

PS: My mushroom recipe is coming.

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