Sunday, January 29, 2012

A title?

Yesterday was my day off from yoga.
I planned a practice, but I plan a lot, hahaha, this does not necessary mean that it also happens. It was a relaxing Saturday. It started with a late breakfast with E. In the evening we met a friend for dinner at Happy Fildjan. The program  "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" ended the day or should I better write it ended the night? I was in bed after midnight. I'm so glad that this "jungle camp" how we call it here is over. It was broadcasted too late and often I was in bed after midnight during the last 14 days. I prefer to get up early, which also means that I have to go to bed earlier. To get up at 6am is good for me.

Today I'll go to a led class in the late afternoon. Primary is on the schedule. My focus will be the vinyasas. I'll try to lift my body up as high as possible when floating backwards. The abdomen have a lot to do here. Then it's shifting the weight. How? This I've to explore. This is the point where I'm stuck. One needs momentum. But it's not only momentum.......

My yoga week starts today. :)

Shall I also write about deleting blogs? 
I blog now since more than 6 years. I've seen a lot of blogs coming and going. In the beginning I was very disappointed when someone stopped writing. It felt as if someone was leaving the community. It was as if the community was not appreciated. A gap appeared. I missed this person.
Some yoginis/yogis delete their blogs after a while, others simply don't write anymore or they write a few times a year only. Then there are those yoginis who threaten: I stop writing. They get comments that they should go on writing. A few posts follow sometimes then. Then they want to stop writing again. These are the moody yoginis/yogis who also express their moods. Some also stopped practicing yoga.
It's like in real life, too. Everything has an end one day. I'm relaxed now if someone stops blogging. Shall she, I think. Perhaps he/she has better things to do.
I go on, because my writing supports my yoga practice and my English (sorry for my mistakes). I enjoy to be part of the Ashtanga yoga community. I got friends around the globe via my blog. My readers give me even advice and push me in a direction they think it's good for me to go.They seem to know me very well, hahaha. I'm a reliable person. Not every day I've  something to say, but I write anyway. Not all my practices are so awesome, but I practice. This is in my opinion a secret to progress.
Readers like to read a blog regularly, it's perhaps a habit in the morning to check blogs. They miss it if nothing is written.
It's on the other hand one of the big mistakes  to write too often. I've learned this from a very successful blogger Darren Rowse. Too many posts every day shoos subscribers away. Too many posts is the main reason why readers stop reading. This is one of the reasons why I wrote only 499 posts last year. lol. The proceeding years I had over 1000 posts every year. I feel that I want to publish more often. Something comes into my mind and then I want to express it. A day later some thoughts are seen in a different light or I've forgotten about a topic. I consider to get back to write more often. This is a warning and please feel mercy with me if I seem to be too intrusive.

Enough now. It's time for a late breakfast.


dtw said...

I know what you mean about checking blogs daily, I have a few that I click each day, including your own. I'm fairly new to blogging, any yoga-related blogs out there I should check out? What do you recommend?

Ursula said...

You can visit the side

A friend created this page. There you find a lot of blogs. These bloggers often link to other blogs on their blogs.

I don't do this for the known reason. It's too much work to check and delete the deserted ones. My time is limited.

Be creative: there are a lot of good bloggers online.

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

You are reliable.. yes.. and I am committed. Committed to reading (and looking forward to) your blog posts DAILY.. You continuously inspire me to continue on the Ashtanga path even though I may be aging (and a bit overweight) as progress only comes with consistency, this I have learned from you.. dear U..

Anna said...

Yours is usually my first check of the day!

Ursula said...

Thank you Debra, and so true, consistency is it.

Thank you Anna for reading. :)