Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Tiny bites.....

First, thank you to my pomodoro. It gets me going. 25 min seem doable. Always. 25 min I worked on my desk. A lot of papers are filed now.

My mind starts creating stress. And we've only the third day of the year.

What do I want to have done at the end of the week?
1. My taxes shall be done and all that stuff that belongs to it.
2. My kitchen shall be decluttered and clean.
Deadline: Sunday evening.

Then I'll make new plans.
I always tend to plan too much, then I feel overwhelmed with the consequence that I do nothing (but blogging).

PS: I stop collecting postcards. NOW. 6 boxes full of postcards is enough. I'll put new ones on my desk to have joy to see it, if someone writes me a postcard. After a week I'll discard it. Or, if I cannot let go, I put it in one of the boxes, but then I have to discard 10 other postcards. Yep.
I won't postcards anymore when I travel.
I'm so in the mood now to go through the cupboard under the sink to throw out what is possible. 


deborahsyogablog said...

Oh I am so much the same. Big plans until I feel overwhelmed with the impossibility of the task before me. My new strategy is to create my to do list, but then star no more than 3 items for the day as priorities. That way I have a sense of accomplishment if I get them done.
Good luck!

Kaivalya said...

Have you considered scanning your postcards? I used to collect them too. I bought a cheap scanner and put them all into electronic format on my computer, as images. Now I can look through them and enjoy the memories without the clutter. Scanners are very cheap these days. Just a thought...

Anna said...

The bloody tax return! I MUST do it.