Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday already, primary is on the schedule, nauli

It's still dark here, hahaha......

Today I'll practice primary.

Was it worth to reflect on  the asanas of the primary series again so far. Have I learned something already?
1. I realized that when I want to have my head in line with the back, I have to move actively the chin to the chest. It's not only letting the head hang down when doing the standing forward bending asanas, i.e.
2. In my case my focus of learning can shift more and more to the vinyasas (connection between the asanas and correct number of breaths).
3. I studied again the book by P. Jois and Lino Miele and discovered full vinyasa. Also the standing sequence and the closing sequence can be practiced so. And it feels very good. The advantage if one practices full vinyasa till the end also when practicing second series is, that one can exercise jumping forward as it is done in the first series. 

My plan for my practice today:
1. Before starting my practice I'll exercise nauli. You shall see why very soon. Nauli is a cleaning technique. Here is a link for more information.
2. I'll practice with the CD by Sharath till buja pidasana to exercise this even rhythm. Then I'll take some pictures as I'm only have through of the series. Buja pidasana is underestimated. It's the next pose I'd like to have a closer look at.
3. Will I have time for pranayama and meditation?


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