Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Third series?!

I knew that he would start teaching me third series this year. That it would be so early in 2012 surprised me.

Yesterday M showed me vasisthasana, the first asana of the third series. :)
First he wanted to show me the next two asanas. lol. No matter what asana it is, I start very stiff and perhpas even akwardly. So he must have thought, one new asana is enough when he saw me performing it because after having seen me and I also repeated it he said: Enough. And it is enough. Something new is on my plate, I love it. It's a balancing pose that requires a lot of strength. and flexibility, too.

I searched the internet yesterday and I found some additional tips how to do it: hands need to be very firm on the floor. The derrière is supposed to be engaged so that the hips don't move backward when lifting the leg to grasp the big toe.
Laruga has published a video to vasisthasana. Yeah, as always this is inspiring to see how she is doing it. For me it's absolutely OK to lift the leg bended and to stretch it when I hold the big toe. This is the easier version to get into the pose.

Today a home practice is on the schedule. The heater is on already. It has minus degrees outside. 


Quentin said...

vasisthasana? isn't this side plank. advanced version is one foot grounded and other vertical holding the toe with three fingers? variations include both feet on floor in side plank, or raise one leg and reach arm.
Best of luck with discovering 3rd series. Your blog is outstanding.

Joanne Sherrard said...

Best of luck with Vasisthasana and congratulations on beginning a new journey with the third series!

Ursula said...

LOL, exactly this is it, Quentin....:)

Thank you Joanne.

Deeper and deeper it goes....:)