Thursday, January 26, 2012

Supta hasta padangusthasana

Supta hasta padangusthasana is another important pose of primary. It's a forward split, only that one lies on the back. I add forward split, upright, when I practice at home. Being able to go deep into the pose helps later for pincha mayurasana i.e. It's not necessary to swing so much which has always the danger that one swings too much. If being able to do a good forward split, one can simply lift the one leg and the other can join. Hahaha.......

When practicing full vinyasa, this is a pose on it's own.

When practicing half vinyasa supta parsvasahita follows immediately after supta hasta padangusthasana. It's a neglected pose for me. It's important that the hips remain on the floor. The one hip tends to lift up when the leg is stretched to the side. This pose prepares the first pose of third series.

It's interesting that the last shots of this asana goes back to 2009. It's a pose that needs room, this might be the reason. Sometimes I've to be creative when I want to take nice pictures.

What do I want to practice today? 
Oh, primary is on the schedule, it's Thursday. So I want to practice primary and second series in a row, but how the yoginis and yogis were taught in the old years (with not so much vinyasas, but both series). Perhaps I take pictures of the missing asanas of primary. 

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