Thursday, January 12, 2012

Strength, strength, strength or utkatasana

Utkatasana is another asana that allows to develop strength in the legs. And willpower. The deeper the more the leg muscles burn. This is it that brings strength. No pain, no gain.
Chair pose it's called this pose in English.

If one stands deep enough it also prepares for pashasana , the first pose from second series.

Utkatasana is an asana with an interesting vinyasa. One leaves this pose via bakasana.From bakasana one can go to handstand. If this is not advanced I don't know anymore what advanced is. For me, so far, only in my imagination I leave this pose via handstand. But this I do, I imagine it. I even put a strap around my arms and try to push me up into handstand. It's not yet possible. Who knows if it will ever be possible, but I try it.

What is really funny. I document now my asanas for years. Sometimes only the quality of the picture has improved. Not always this is so, but sometimes. Hahaha.......

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