Friday, January 06, 2012

The sky is blue, the roofs are white

I got up much too late again. I separated the curtains when I was up finally to turn on the heater and I realized: it's winter time. The sky was blue, the roofs white. Good is that I slept well and that I feel well-rested now.
My to do lists are long. Perhaps I need sleep to attack all these tasks. If one important thing is done I shall be happy. I need new glasses i.e. I cannot start a job as an accountant confusing a 5 with an 8. Lol. I have to leave the house for this. I wonder if I shall do it now. Getting up too late messes my morning routine.

Yesterday I managed it to step on my mat. It was the late afternoon already. Energy was low but I started. Yesterday I experienced that I felt refreshed after my practice. Usually I feel like lying down or I feel like taking a bath. Primary became easier. It doesn't take so much time anymore either. Only the vinyasas frustrated me. Start exercising them right from the beginning on is my tip to novices. It's hard but it doesn't get better if you postpone it.

Ramblings on jobs. This is for a friend: 
Times have changed a lot. One must realize this first. A decade ago it was expensive, but nowadays we can communicate around the world. We can make business around the world. English is the common language. Everybody can do this. It's no more necessary to have assets.
There are of course the nine to till you break down jobs. They will always be. But there are alternatives for everybody.
Those who work independently often have another structure and often they do different things. Also successful people ie. write a blog (for free), they give workshops, they write books, they sell goods. Many people have different jobs nowadays. One must be more flexible than ever.
I love what Seth Godin said: Be an artist without a canvas and brushes. Find out what makes you special that it's difficult to substitute you. This is the direction one has to go if one wants to work independently. We have a world market and people in other parts of this world are very educated, too, but cheaper.
What makes me special is a question that can help to find an income that's better paid (in the long run) than jobs in companies. Clients must have the feeling that only YOU can give them what they want.
Passive income is another key word. Yes yes yes, yesterday again a friend told me that she'd like to buy my book if it's finished. I HAVE to finish it. What makes it so difficult to go on writing???????
Important is that one loves what one does. Then to work equals to have fun.
I don't want to count the years till  I can retire. I want to do something that I love to continue after 67. It's writing, it's taking pictures, it's practicing yoga. I don't want to become a yoga teacher, but it would be fun to take pictures of people practicing yoga.
It's worth working on plan B. Trial and error is part of every new path.
Wonder what makes you special?
And don't give up. The trip can be exciting.

My first yoga goal is indeed to lose the few redundant pounds. I know that all the asanas become easier then. My bf is on vacation and we eat out a lot. This makes it difficult to accomplish my goal. The world self-sabotage comes into my mind. My deadline  for my absolute fav weight is end of January. I know I write all the time about the same topics. It's a secret to remind oneself again and again (it needn't to be public). Either one makes the decision one day that it's not important or one has to take steps that bring the wished success.
Most people cannot celebrate their successes because they forget about their goals. To write them down and to read them on a daily basis can make the difference. Repetition, repetition, repetition is a method to achieve whatever.

Tonight we're invited to a wine tasting. I love to see the friends, but I don't like to taste wines. We'll buy a few bottles. I trust this French man that he made good decisions with the wines from Israel and Turkey. The wish to have wine with a meal dropped. I want it very seldom nowadays. I need an excuse for tonight why I want to have water. Hahahaha....

Oh, today is a banking holiday. It's not necessary to make a decision. Shops are closed. I'll have to get my eyes tested next week. 

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